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Monday, October 3, 2011

Brain farts. Or random thoughts. You decide.

It's just one of those nights where I'm not really thinking clearly. Too much on my mind, and no hope of getting any of it out coherently. Deal with it.

Managed to walk the boys everywhere they needed to go today. Although with Alex on his bike, it's more like jogging. So I did get in a few good workouts today.

Ended up with a total of 22.92 miles last week. :)

I spent the rest of the day around the house working on the next set of quilt squares for the Christmas swap. Because you know, I have nothing else to do. But I did get the first set completely done, other than the final pressing. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment and decided to make 2 sets this time instead of just one.

I also did lots of cleaning around the house, and even got the trash taken out since tomorrow is the dreaded trash day.

And you might remember a while back when I mentioned that my Uncle Sam wasn't doing very well. He's back in the hospital again, and they're just keeping him comfortable at this point. So send some more prayers or happy thoughts or whatever it is that you do, please. I talked to Mom this morning and didn't get much information out of her (he's her brother) but it doesn't sound like it will be very long. :(

Sucks to live so far away from family at times like this.


  1. It is VERY hard to be away from family especially at this time..
    You are talking to your mom..and whether may seem like enough, you would be surprised how much your love across the miles can help..
    hugs to you..


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