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Monday, October 10, 2011

Alex's Parent/Teacher conference

I got to meet with Alex's teacher for the first time tonight. She is a great lady, and Alex really likes her. She seems to be able to handle him well. According to her, Alex is doing really well. He's reading better than most of the kids in the class, and when he slows down and focuses (ha!) he can really do a great job.

He loved showing me and Daniel around his room...

We didn't walk to school today because my head still hurt from the migraine last night, but I was feeling better by this evening so we walked to and from the conference. Thanks to the rain we've gotten over the past few days, Sand Creek is starting to recover.

It's definitely not back to normal yet, but at least it's getting there. I'm curious to see how my walking path looks, but I don't think I'll get back out there until next week since the boys don't have school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. That's going to put a severe crimp into my walking. Boo. But I'll just have to force myself to get back into the swing of it next week.

So now it's time to get the boys ready for bed, do some cleaning, maybe do some sewing, and watch a couple of movies before I crash out again.

I lead such an exciting life. Or something.


  1. Yay for a good Parent/Teacher Conference!

    He looks very proud of his work in those pictures!!!!

    I wish I was in love with our school as you are with yours!


  2. Does his classroom have a bowl of apples? 'Cause that's awesome!

  3. LOL no bowl of apples that I saw, but they did make applesauce one day! That's the picture with the huge bowl of cut-up apples. :)


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