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Monday, October 24, 2011

Poop train

After Daniel got sick the other day, he seemed to be fine all weekend. He didn't eat much, but he never really does (unless it's peanut butter & jelly) and he acted fine. This morning we got up and took Alex to school, and when we got back, he still seemed to be fine. We laid around for a while and enjoyed the peace and quiet after the chaotic weekend, and then when it was just about time for him to go to school, he raced to the bathroom where the diarrhea hit him once again.


I called the school and let them know that he wouldn't be there again today, and we took off for Wichita, as I had already made plans that really needed to be done today.

On the way there, we saw something interesting....I saw a jet cruising across the sky - it only caught my eye because the sky was perfectly clear and the contrail was so incredibly white against it. But then I saw it start to turn, and as I watched, it made a complete u-turn! I actually pulled over when I saw that Daniel was staring at it too, and we took a few pictures of it.

Anyway, we got to Wichita and picked up my carpet shampooer from a friend who was borrowing it (and returned her roasting pan that I've had for 8+ months - oops) and then ran to the other side of the city to deliver a custom costume that I made for someone and then we headed back to pick Alex up from school and then home, where we just hung out all evening. Daniel had a few more run-ins with the poop train, but he still seems to be feeling ok - so maybe it's just the remnants of the bug he had the other day or something.

On a humorous note, I have a really bad habit of leaving my camera out within reach of little fingers. So sometimes, when I transfer the pictures to the computer, I get surprise photography from the kids. Apparently Daniel was playing around this morning at some point. These are some of his shots:

Go figure.

A toy apple on my desk

The same toy apple and the hedgeapple from the other day

Daniel's eye view of the bulletin board

I really need to start putting my camera away.

On a side note: can anyone see the Aurora Borealis tonight? Wichita news stations are saying that it's visible if you look to the north - but I have too many trees and streetlights interfering, so I can't see it. Boo. :(


  1. Li'l D's taken only one shot that I know of, which makes me sad! I keep meaning to hand him the camera and let him try his hand at photography (granted, a bit of a strong word here), then promptly forgetting when a camera's at hand.

  2. Emry was so interested in my camera... that I got him one of those Playskool Toddler Camera's... so he could drop it, and treat it the way a toddler would... 2 years later... he still loves that thing.
    It takes digital pics. I can view them on my computer... and now his room is covered in collage frames of his work. It's amazing how they see things.
    I also think it's harnessing a potential career skill.

    Does your little man get stomach bugs a lot? or is this something that is going around?
    I find that keeping Emry away from dairy products during stomach bugs helps...

    Or... could it be a nerves thing? my friends son hated preschool so much that right before it.. his nerves would go HIGH GEAR.... and he would get physically ill....
    (Just another option to consider)

    Hope he feels better!

  3. Deb - the girls have really gotten into photography, especially my oldest. We still have pictures to develop from our road trip this summer (I keep forgetting) but I'm anxious to see how they look.

    Kateri - he doesn't get sick very often so this is kind of unusual for him. And when he is sick, he never complains. He loves school - I told him he could go back today if he stops pooping. LOL I think he'll be going back today.

  4. That's funny. Whenever my daughter gets ahold of the camera, she tends to take random shots of her body. Feet, hands, belly button, etc. :-)

  5. There were a few close-up facial shots too, but they were almost too blurry to make out what they were. Alex likes to take pictures of the inside of his mouth when he gets a hold of the camera. *rolling eyes*


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