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Sunday, October 2, 2011

They just keep growing.

As the older 3 kids were getting ready to go to church with their father this morning, Sarah was running around trying to find a pair of shoes to wear. She was digging through my shoes - most of which I never wear because my sneakers are the only ones that have the lift in them for my crooked legs as the result of my hip surgery.

All of a sudden, she came out wearing a pair of my shoes. I started to tell her that no way was she wearing a pair of my shoes, because they would be way too big for her, but she insisted that they fit.

I looked at her feet in the shoes, and they appeared to fit. So I made her take them off so that we could compare foot sizes.

Holy crap.

Ignore the ugly toes, but that's my foot on the left, and hers on the right.

When did this happen? When did my kids start getting so...BIG?

Granted, I'm not huge by any stretch of the imagination. Officially, I'm 5'4" (standing on my "normal" leg) and I wear a size 7 shoe. But still - she's only 11! She can't be wearing the same size shoes as I do! That's just wrong. And now she's shaving her legs, and she has a boyfriend (well, as much of a boyfriend as an 11-year old 6th grader can have).

Next thing I know, she'll be asking to borrow the keys to the van.


It happens so stinkin' fast. She'll be 12 next month, and then she'll be a *gasp* teenager next year.

It's just....wrong. They're not supposed to grow up this fast.


  1. I feel the same way. My lil girl is giving my grey hairs too by telling me about her chasing boys at recess one week and them chasing her the next. I think I need to start loading the guns and sharpening the axes.

  2. Aw, Dean, yours is even younger than mine! I think you're safe for another few years - but it'll sneak up on you like you won't believe! It's scary. =/

  3. It is incredible how fast they grow! My son is 11 as well, and his feet are BIGGER than mine. Which is saying something as I wear a size 10! I noticed the other day he comes up to my nose (I'm 5'7") It's only a matter of months before he is taller than me. Thankfully no girlfriend yet. But the gray hairs are coming...

  4. I hit my growth spurt real young.. I'd say I was 10 or 11... so, I was 5'4 and had a 7.5 foot.

    I was bigger than everyone for about... a year... than all of them hit their growth spurt, and I became the shorty!

    And when she asks for the keys to the van.. you tell her NO.

    Just because... that's what moms are supposed to do!



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