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Monday, August 8, 2011

Today's adventures. And a confession.

So the boys and I ended up having a pretty laid-back day. We didn't go to the lake, but instead opted to just hang out around the house for most of the day.

But later this afternoon we went out for a bit.

We went to scope out our sand plum thicket to see if anything was growing. There are a few, but the summer's brutal heat has definitely put a damper on this harvest.

The boys had fun chasing grasshoppers around, although Daniel didn't like the wheat stubble poking at his legs.

Daniel had more fun chasing grasshoppers than Alex did.

Ugh. Maybe the sand plums didn't grow, but the stupid burrs still did. I hate these things.

Then we went and checked out a new fruit stand (that recently opened in an old fruit stand) and bought an over-priced watermelon just for the heck of it...and maybe to make more pickles out of later this week. Caught this cool cloud formation on the way back into town.

Then we went to the carwash to get 3300 miles' worth of bugs off of the windshield. It was worth the money that I spent just to be able to see clearly again - no amount of scrubbing with the squeegee thing at the gas stations was getting those bugs out of my sight.

Not to mention that it provided about 5 minutes' worth of entertainment for the boys. What is so fascinating about carwashes, anyway?


And last but certainly not least - perhaps my most important accomplishment of the day - we came home and I took the trash and recycling out to the curb.

I have a confession, for those of you who don't know. It's an embarrassing trait of mine.

I am Garbage Impaired.

There. I said it. For everyone to see.

I can't for the life of me remember to take my trash out. When I lived in my old house, I had to take it out Sunday night for Monday morning pickup. Now, in this house, it's Monday night for Tuesday morning pickup. But, I never seem to remember. Even with a reminder on my phone, I still forget and usually awake on trash day to the sound of the garbage truck rumbling past my house.

But, thanks to my wonderful, sweet, dear, caring friends - Bruce and Cassie (who also happens to be my niece) - I will never forget to take the trash out again. They have taken it upon themselves to aid in the treatment of my impairment by sending friendly reminders to me, usually starting in the mid-afternoon hours of every Monday. It may be a friendly message posted on my facebook wall, sometimes posted with a photo of trash. It might be a comment somewhere on my blog. Sometimes, it's a personal message sent to my facebook inbox. Occasionally, it's even a text message. On some occasions, it's been a combination of several, if not all, of these methods. Many times, the public postings on facebook result in long-winded conversations about my impairment, which hopefully in turn will help others to realize that they are not alone in their forgetfulness.

I can't thank them enough.

To Bruce and Cassie - you have my undying love and gratitude. Forever. And ever.


  1. Admitting your problem is the first step. ;)

  2. You need to then fwd those messages to me, because I always get panicked on Mondays after Arick leaves for work, thinking that he didn't take the trash out. At which point, I ask you if you if it is YOUR trash day, and then when you say yes, I sigh in relief because I know mine is indeed the NEXT day....lol.

  3. Well you know, I'm quite sure that I could arrange for Bruce to start harrassing, I mean REMINDING you as well....I'll put in a request for him to start doing that. I'll make sure that Cassie sends you a friend request too! ;)

  4. Ha! That was awesome. I hope I never have that problem, but odds are, I will. =)


  6. My mom still calls me every Monday night to remind me to put the trash out. You're not alone!


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