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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lazy day

We just really didn't do a heck of a lot today. We had to get up to get the older three kids to school, but as it turned out Sarah wasn't feeling well. So we all loaded up and I dropped the other two off and we came back home. Alex and Daniel didn't have school again today, so we spent the day just hanging around the house doing a whole lot of nothing.

They all took turns playing computer games, so I didn't spent much time online - which was odd, but it was a good sort of odd.

I did work on my quilt blocks for the Christmas block swap that I'm doing...

After school, Jared decided to go with his father to a football game, so we ended up having to go pick him up later this evening. After coming *thisclose* to running into a herd of deer in the dark (there were at least 7 of them right next to the road) we got him and headed back home. The moon tonight was absolutely gorgeous. I tried to get some pictures of it, but my camera just isn't good enough to get it (or I don't know how to work it the right way for night shots).


I was reminded again today about just how selfish and hateful some people can be, and for some reason, it still surprises me. I wish that people would realize that when they act like this, it just makes them look foolish, and everyone who observes the tantrum will remember it.

We all like to get our own way - it's human nature. But we also need to realize that sometimes getting our own way isn't the most important thing in the world. Realistically, the way we handle NOT getting our own way shows the world what our true character is like. Disagreeing is one thing - throwing a tantrum and making threats is something totally different.

I may not have handled the situation in the best possible way, but it's something that I have worked on for a very long time. I don't take well to feeling threatened in any way (no, it wasn't a physical threat) and I tend to mouth off when it happens (surprised?) but I think that I managed to stay calmer than usual this time.


Lastly, and totally unrelated to anything else....

With the whole "new and improved" facebook format (*snort*) I have seen several postings from bloggers with pages for their blogs indicating that updates that we post on our blog pages aren't showing up in peoples' news feeds. Supposedly, unless you "interact" with the page, it won't show up because facebook will assume that you aren't that interested in the page.

So, if what is being said is true, if you are a fan of my facebook page - you need to "like" the status updates that I post there, or comment on them, or something to indicate that you actually want to see the updates. I don't know for sure if it's true or not but I thought that I would pass it along.

And if you haven't liked my facebook page yet, why don't you go and do that? :) We sometimes get into some fun conversations over there....


  1. Very cool quilt...it screams HOLIDAYS.
    The secret to annoying the annoying people is to ignore them...as best you can. Sometimes, they just need a smack upside the head.

  2. I agree. But unfortunately, I can't. Maybe I need to use the sewing machine and whip up a voodoo doll (or maybe several). *evil grin*

  3. Oh don't you start with Christmas too :( I just finished writing a blog post about that yesterday, it's OCTOBER! :D

  4. Ben, when it comes to crafty stuff, there are no seasons! We work on everything year-round - it's the only way to get stuff done!



  6. Granny - just click on the facebook link up there right under my boots at the top of the page! Or where it says "And if you haven't liked my facebook page yet, why don't you go and do that? :) We sometimes get into some fun conversations over there...." - there's a link there too!


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