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Friday, October 21, 2011

I need a helmet

Today started out as a much better day than yesterday did. I got up almost on time, got everyone up and dressed and fed, got lunches packed, and got everyone off to school - on time, even.

Daniel seemed to be feeling better, so I took him to his morning preschool and then I took off walking on my trail that goes through the woods. I wasn't really in the mood to go, but as usual once I got moving it felt pretty good. It was cool out, but not so cold that it was uncomfortable. As I walked, I enjoyed the scenery and got lost in my thoughts.

Suddenly, I heard (and felt) a SWISH! go past my right ear, followed by a WHAM!

What the..............?

OK, you know those cartoons where a squirrel throws an acorn at a human? Yeah. I found that squirrel. Or rather, he found me. But he wasn't chucking any tiny little acorns at my head - instead, it was one of these.

A hedgeapple. The squirrel threw a damned hedgeapple at my head. I kid you not. He sat there on a branch that was hanging across the trail, and I swear he was rubbing his front paws together gleefully as I walked past him.

Now granted, it wasn't as big as this one, but it wasn't much smaller either. It might have been baseball-sized, which is how big they usually are.

I'm thankful that he didn't bean me with this one.

They're not terribly heavy, but I'd imagine that taking one upside the head without warning might sting a little bit.

I'm seriously considering not walking that path again until they're done falling from the trees. It's bad enough to have to watch where I walk so that I don't sprain an ankle on one, but now I have to worry about them being chucked at my head by an evil squirrel.

Only me. I swear.....


As for the rest of the day, I took Daniel to his afternoon preschool and came home and did some sewing and watched a movie for a while. Then I went to get Alex, and then to get Daniel, as the routine usually goes. I was talking to Daniel's teacher and we were discussing how he just didn't look quite right, but I dismissed it as him being tired since we were up so early.

Then he puked all over the floor outside of the classroom.

Looks like the Vomit Rocket has returned. We got him cleaned up, came home, and he promptly crashed on the couch. Alex is chilling out watching movies and looks like he could fall asleep soon. The older 3 went to a football game with their father so they won't be home until probably 10pm so it's going to be a fairly quiet evening.

I'm going to sew. And do laundry. And maybe mop the kitchen.

Woohoo!!! It's Friday night at my house! Par-tay!

Or not.


  1. We call those Osage Oranges. Ouch! They have a funky smell too. Acorns don't smell. I seemed to get beaned by an acorn every time I walk my dog -- no squirrel intervention needed. What did you do to your squirrels?

  2. I have heard that name before too, now that you mention it. And I swear, I didn't do anything to the squirrel. I was just walking along, minding my own business....

    I have heard that the hedgeapples can be used to keep crickets away.....but I've never tested that theory.




  4. Granny, I have no idea. I've heard that if you put them around the foundation of your house, they'll keep the crickets away. Other than that, I know of no use for them whatsoever - other than as weapons at the hands of kids or in the paws of psychotic squirrels. LOL

  5. I am just imagining the squirrel pitching that thing at you. Oh, goodness.
    Sorry to hear about the sickness--so much going around.

    Take care and have a good weekend!


  6. It reminded me of a scene in....*trying to think of the name of the movie*....

    Open Season. All of the squirrels line up on every branch of a tree and start pelting Boog with hundreds of acorns. I was just waiting for the Squirrel Army to come after me with hedgeapples.

    Oh no. Now I might have nightmares.


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