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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What do they do to him???

Daniel was a little more tired than usual after school today. I picked him up at 3:30 like I always do, and he hung out for a little bit, watching movies and whatnot. He crawled up onto the cedar chest, and was sitting there, but then decided to crawl over the arm of the loveseat to lay down.

He didn't make it. Whatever he did at school today must have just been too much for him to handle.

He was sound asleep by 4:30. And no, I didn't leave him like that - I took the pictures (because I am evil like that) and then laid him down on the loveseat with his face NOT shoved into a pillow, and he slept for a couple of hours before he woke up and wanted something to eat. The nice thing is that even if he crashes out in the afternoon for a few hours, he'll still go to bed easily for me around 8:30.

I love having one kid who likes to sleep - I wish the others were so easy! I have to practically beg them to go to sleep...

I need to weed through the thousands (literally) of pictures on my computer and try to find all of the crazy pictures like this. I know I have some of all of the kids at some point - they are all talented like this and can sleep whenever and wherever they want to - but then again, I can be the same way.

Something tells me that I need to be careful about doing it myself though - I've recently been threatened teased about having crazy pictures of myself posted.



  1. That boy is a unconscious ninja...

  2. OMG the pigeon book! I used to work with kids at a school and they LOVED those books. They are super cute! And so is the picture. Somedays (most days) i wish I could pass out over the arm of a sofa...or anywhere for that matter...

  3. So cute! And so great that you got the photos--for proof when he brings home his first girlfriend. :)

  4. looks like he's practicing for college :)

  5. EinF - thanks for reminding me! That's a library book that Alex has to take back tomorrow! LOL

    t-mom - exactly!

    hbp - Nooooooooooooo! He'll never look like that in college!

  6. So cute.

    Emry had a Christmas Concert on Monday Night, and we didn't get home until 9'ish.......
    The next day, he melted into bed.....RIGHT after dinner.

    It's crazy the schedules our little ones have.


  8. I have one of Kyle on the kitchen table with a slice of pizza. He is totally passed out and didn't even take a bite.


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