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Monday, December 12, 2011

Silly pictures

Seems like I have been collecting some silly pictures over the past few days....and since I'm really sleepy and having issues concentrating tonight, that's what you get. Maybe I'll think of something profound to say tomorrow.

Actually, I do have an idea for a "deeper" post rolling around in my head, but I just haven't quite figured out where I want to go with it yet. So just deal with it and enjoy the pictures!

This is what happens when you hang a wet mop over the porch railing to dry - and it's below freezing outside.

Yep. Again. My kids can sleep anywhere and in any position.

The boys and I stopped over at The Dude's house after we picked up our pizza, and they were playing with some musical toys and a G.I. Joe doll. My mind started going into overtime, and I came up with an idea. However, for the record, The Dude is the one who was actually able to get G.I. Joe into the pose that I wanted. Yes, our sick twisted minds mesh well together.

Dashboard breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes and coffee.

And now, it's off to do more cleaning and whatnot, and then maybe actually get to bed at a reasonable hour.


  1. What's worse... That she had the idea or that I felt it necessary to take part in the "twisted christmas" posing of GI JOE?

  2. I think we are just equally twisted. Scary thought?

  3. what this say about me??? I think the GI joe pose is a perfectly normal response to the vignette...hmmm...guess that's why I feel right at home here, hm??

  4. The GI JOE should be your christmas card cover!

  5. Love the GI Joe pose! A new Christmas classic! Harmless sick minds are a good thing!!! (it just feels like a !!!!!! kind of day!)


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