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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An afternoon at the park...

It might be the end of December, but it was nice outside - and the kids have been at each others' throats ever since the older 3 walked in this morning.

So we went to the park.

We did stop to get Sarah's new glasses on the way over - we had actually stopped to get her old ones fixed, not thinking that the new ones would be in yet, but it turned out they did come in today. So that was convenient!

This is probably one of my absolute favorite pictures of her too. She's turning into such a beautiful young lady.

I amused myself while the kids were playing - tried to work out a menu for the next month and then start a grocery list. Getting money once a month is nice in that I can knock out all of the bills at one time, but it makes it harder to keep groceries on hand sometimes. So, I'm planning ahead....we'll see how well that works out.

After we got done at the playground (more like after the sun went down and I decided that I was freezing) we ran and got some pizzas and came home. The Dude came over later and had some pizza with us and we all watched a movie. He brought some ice cream and we all had that, then Daniel decided that he was done. He crawled up onto my lap, put his head in The Dude's lap, and crashed - sticky face and all.

No big plans for the next few days. I have all of the kids until Saturday morning, when the older 3 go back to their father's house. Alex may or may not be going to his father's Saturday evening - that's still up in the air. Sunday is the 5K - The Dude is going along for that one so that he can keep Daniel (and Alex if we have him) while I run.

And now, I have to do something with the mountain of laundry on my futon so that I can maybe sleep tonight. I am so tired right now, and I know that I should really fold it, but it's really tempting to just chuck it all back into the laundry bucket, crawl under my awesome blanket, and crash.


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