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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The official start of basketball

Both girls had their first basketball games today.

We started out with our semi-official pre-game breakfast.

Sarah's game was first. The girls played hard, but unfortunately the score didn't show it. It's so hard to get decent pictures in the gym with the fast pace and the fluorescent lighting, but this has got to be one of the best. shots. ever.

Yes, that is Sarah, flying through the air making a killer block.

Final score - not so good.

Alex and Daniel were with me of course. Jared was bouncing around between sitting with me, or his aunt and uncle, or his stepmother.

After Sarah's game was over, we headed about 15 miles up the road to Emily's game. These girls looked phenomenal - especially comparing them to last season! Emily has really toughened up and was out there scrapping it up without fear.

I didn't catch any of her flying blocks on film though. (She's #3)

There really wasn't enough caffeine in the world for this day - or at least for that early in the day with that much chaos.

The kids, again, had fun watching though.

Their final score was much better than Sarah's team's was - and this included a last second at-the-buzzer lucky shot.

After the games were over, the older 3 went with their father for the rest of the weekend and Alex and Daniel and I came home. The Dude came over and we hung out and watched movies for a while, then Alex went with his father for the night.

Tomorrow we have church, and then I have a ton of stuff to do around the house...and might do a little bit of Christmas shopping while I just have Daniel - or maybe I'll wrap the presents that I already have just to get started on that. I do need to officially finish decorating, and get some pictures of that, but we'll see how far I get on that little project!


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