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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walking errands

We had an unseasonably warm day here today, with temperatures near 60 degrees. I had a few errands that needed to be run, so we decided to walk them.

We started out by heading over to the bank to get some cash, then strolled on down to the library.

Alex was all sorts of excited to get some movies to watch, until he threw a temper tantrum in the library - and I made him put his movies back on the shelf. He was not happy - but I'm tired of dealing with his attitude in public. No warning for him this time - he threw a tantrum, and he put the movies back. Period. He was the only one to walk out of the library empty-handed. Maybe one of these days he'll learn that I'm not playing around when he acts like that.

The sky was amazing when we left the library and headed to the grocery store...

We stopped at the store and picked up a few things and then came home. The kids hung out and watched movies while I made supper, then it was bath time and bed time and all of that fun stuff.

My computer decided to take a dump - more like my browser - so The Dude came over to try to fix it, but he couldn't. So now I've been demoted to using IE for facebook instead of Chrome. I'm sad. But hopefully Chrome will get over its issue and get back to working again soon.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a relaxing day, until Ex1 called to inform me that Sarah has basketball practice. In the morning. Ick. So we get to get up and stop for donuts (the kids don't know that part yet) and when we drop her off for practice the rest of us are going to go find a park to run around in since it's supposed to be nice again tomorrow. Then hopefully we can relax for the rest of the day.

But I'm sure those plans will get messed up too. I don't think that "relaxing" is in my vocabulary.


  1. I intend on putting relaxing back into your active vocab... Do I need to remind you of your Christmas gift?

  2. I love your commenting interaction. SO FRICKIN CUTE!

    Sounds like a good man!

  3. aww i love reading your posts!! and yay for you, for that awesome response to public tantrums!! xoxo



  5. First comment here. I've been following for a little while now. I'm a single mom of 6...4 still at home. I absolutely love reading about your days! I can relate on so many levels! Glad I found your blog! Expect to see more of me. :)

  6. Kateri - he's a very good man! I think I'm going to keep him! ;)

    Granny - I hate when the fingers don't work right, don't you?

    Debbie - thank you so much for coming by and commenting - it means so much to me! Us single moms have to stick together, otherwise we'll be hanging out together at the loony bin!

  7. Loony bin... umm... never heard of it.


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