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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Done with decorating

I'm really too tired to think, and I know that the pictures are pretty crappy, but as far as I'm concerned I am now officially done decorating for Christmas. I got the rest of the ornaments on the tree and the stockings put up and the garland lit, so I am done.

All I really have to do is put the boxes of unused stuff back in the garage, but that will have to wait until all of the kids are gone tomorrow, because Santa *might* have shown up early and put a couple of 2-wheeled presents in there to keep them safe until Christmas Eve. The Dude and I have to do a little bit of work to those particular presents to make them totally usable, but we have 10 days to do that - and maybe I can get some sleep during that time.

When the place is actually clean and I have time to mess around with the settings on the camera to get good pictures, I'll take more. But for now, this gives you an idea. It's not as festive as I would like, but it'll do. And yes, I know the star on the tree is really crooked. I'll fix it when I get around to it!

But for now, I'm giving up on everything for the night - I'm not cleaning, I'm not putting anything away, I'm not packing lunches - nothing. I got zero sleep last night, and even when I tried to take a nap today, I totally failed. So....

I am going to bed.

So there.



  1. Good night and Sweet Dreams, my dear.

  2. Did you get a new camera?

    It looks really nice! We forgot to decorate until this week, so we only got to enjoy our decor for a few days, but it was worth it. We head back from school soon, so we'll be arriving to all of our parents' decorations, anyway.

  3. Hi Adrian! Nope, same camera, I was just too tired to mess with it last night.

    Oh you are on break soon, aren't you? We still need to get together for lunch or coffee or something....



  5. looks festive enough for me!! lol i actually feel bad, because i haven't decorated yet o.O
    but the kids and i will be doing that tonight and tomorrow.
    happy holidays!!


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