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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hat and glove saga, continued...

Alex has been bugging me almost non-stop since the other day when he tried to donate his own hat and gloves to charity to go to the store to buy some that he could donate. With Daniel not feeling well yesterday, we didn't get to go then.

But, thanks to yet another schedule change today, I had a little bit of time after I picked him up from school and we went shopping. I had told Ex1 the story and he told me that he had seen gloves on sale at the local grocery store for $1.00 per pair.

We got there, and sure enough, there was a big bin of them....I told him he could pick out 5 pairs. We looked for hats, but couldn't find any. Boo.

But, we successfully got the 5 pairs and they are in a bag with his backpack so that he can take them to school in the morning. Hopefully we'll be able to get up and around fast enough that I can actually go in with him and get some pictures of him putting them on the tree - I know that he's excited to do it. Although if we don't have time we'll just wait until next week and maybe we'll find some hats to add to it as well.


In other news.....I dumped the pictures off of my phone tonight, and found some that I hadn't posted so I figured I'd amuse someone with them.

This was Daniel's Potato Head creation that he made in the church nursery the other day. He was very proud of it and had to keep it together until after the service when I could come and see it. I have to give him points for creativity, especially for the tongue mohawk!

The sky was gorgeous this morning.

But I still hate mornings with a passion.

Hate this. Even more than I hate mornings. But on the plus side, since I did do it tonight, I don't have to worry about it tomorrow *and* I was able to get my much-needed Diet Pepsi at the same time. I really need to watch my stockpile more closely. I also need to not wait until the gas gauge is below "E" to fill it, and then it won't hurt so much.

So, tomorrow, I get to get up at 5:30am, do the school run and all of that fun stuff. Supposedly, as of right now, there is no practice or anything scheduled so we should have a normal afternoon (as normal as they ever are around here) and evening. We only have one basketball game this weekend so that will cut down on some of the chaos, and no other real plans. I need to do some Christmas shopping (ugh) and finish decorating at some point too.

The fun never ends!


  1. How much is gas by you?
    That's INSANE!

    I love my little car, with it's little gas tank... I think it took me maybe $24.00 to fill up 3/4 of the tank the other day... My car only has a 10 gallon tank. It's a tiny car. I love it.

    I am so glad he was THAT excited about donating gloves! That shows he has a good heart (and by extension a wonderful mother).

  2. Yeah, I miss my little Escort and its 35mpg. I think gas yesterday was something like $3.08 or around there somewhere. I got a $0.02 per gallon discount though. Woohoo! Talk about savings! Not...

    We didn't do the gloves this morning - I'm going to wait until this afternoon so that I don't have to drag Daniel into the school too. But yeah, I can't wait to do it!





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