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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Dude, the Tooth Fairy, and a Redneck Santa

Sounds like a bad sitcom, doesn't it?

Just to make it interesting, let's throw in a Vomit Rocket and a ride on the Poop Train.

Yeah, it's been one of those days.

It started out well enough. The Dude came over and we went on our major grocery shopping trip to prepare for our Christmas Eve feast. Now, let me remind you, I *hate* to shop. Seriously - I hate it. It doesn't matter if I have a pocketful of cash and no time limit - I still hate it. Add the whole pre-holiday attitude of the other customers and idiotic cashiers, and I was about at my wit's end.

Like my hat?

I think he was trying to strike a pose...

Daniel got sick at school today - I'm beginning to think that he might have some kind of allergy issue because he's been doing this a little too often. But yeah, the kid was hit by both the Vomit Rocket and the Poop Train today - and then was fine for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

He likes my hat too.

Alex has been having an issue with his teeth. For some reason, he likes to keep his baby teeth until his permanent ones are in completely - then his baby teeth slowly start to wiggle loose. We've been working on getting this tooth out for a couple of days now, and I was finally able to yank it tonight.

My skin is still crawling. I hate doing that.



Getting it into the Tooth Fairy Pillow

Ready for bed...

Alex is in kindergarten. He's 5...almost 6. I still can't get used to the idea of him reading. He's growing up too fast, and he likes to remind me on a regular basis.

He got a little notebook from his teacher today for Christmas, and he was "writing" notes in it. At first, he was just scribbling so then I told him to go ahead and write something - just to see what he could do. He surprised me and did these totally on his own, with no help at all.

So now the boys are in bed, the house is quiet, and I'm looking forward to being able to sleep in tomorrow. The older 3 kids have one more day of school before Christmas break but they're with Ex1 tonight so I don't have to get up in the morning - which I tried to drill into Alex's head, but I'm sure he'll have me up at the buttcrack of dawn like he always does. Hopefully no one is sick tomorrow so that we can go to the girls' choir concert in the afternoon - we missed their band concert tonight since Daniel wasn't feeling well.

The next few days will be a little crazy, between having the kids home from school and getting things done around the house before Christmas and finishing my shopping and trying to get things wrapped - I need a few more days, but I usually work better under pressure. It'll all get done one way or another.

I might go insane in the meantime, but at least it'll be fun!


  1. OH SWEET BABY JESUS! I cannot handle loose teeth!!!! I fear for my future.

  2. Poor Daniel...an allergy? drainage?? wth??? poor guy (and poor mom!!!)
    Hope everyone is well for the holidays! Enjoy..and you are so right...it all gets done..one way or the other!

  3. LOVE the hat!--- Draylinn

  4. Yeah, I was striking a pose... the "oh no, she's taking a photo" pose! LOL...
    Feel bad for Daniel, the little guy just got over the last run of not feeling good.
    Alex has got to be excited about the tooth, he's been working on it for awhile!

    Finally, love the hat!

  5. Cautionary Tale about Permanent Teeth Growing behind Baby Teeth.

    Mine did that... and because of the incorrect... well, LINE UP... I had braces for 5-years. 5 WHOLE YEARS. From the end of 4th grade to the end of 9th.

    If it's loose... have him wiggle the heck out of it before the permanent tooth comes in.

    Braces Sucked. Just saying.
    And as an adult now, my bottom teeth are still... NOT GREAT... even with an additional 3 years of retainers.

    Did the Tooth Fairy Come?
    He looked very excited.

    Cute Hate.

    Funny picture of your Dude.

  6. oh no!! hoping your little one is feeling better on time for christmas!!

    the hat, of course, is fabulous!

  7. Kateri - the crazy thing about his teeth is that the baby teeth won't even wiggle before the permanent ones come in. It's weird - I've never seen anything like it before. The first tooth that he lost did the same thing and I was amazed at how quickly the permanent one started to move into place once the baby one was out of the way.

    Daniel seems to be back to his old self today, like nothing was ever wrong. That just makes me wonder even more about an allergy or a food intolerance that's causing his issues.

    I've been wearing that hat constantly. I love the crazy looks that I get!

  8. Got caught up. Sorry I am so slow to get here.
    Glad to hear about The Dude.
    Hope you are ready for Christmas and the New Year.
    We are very slowly getting there.



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