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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yet another one of those days.

I swear, this is the first time that I've sat down all day, and I have the cankles to prove it.

I cleaned the house all afternoon while the boys were in school. OK, by "house" I mean the living room and kitchen - you know, the parts that are visible to anyone who walks in the front door. But, they looked really really good.

And then I picked the boys up from school.

Need I say more?


Sometimes I seriously wonder why I bother. I mean really, I clean and clean and clean, and it's a disaster by the time that they go to bed. I know - if I was perfect, my children would listen to me and they would pick up their toys before going to bed. But guess what? Here's another news flash: I'm not perfect.

And after cleaning all day, and setting up a donation page for our church's participation in the CROP walk, then spending literally HOURS standing in the kitchen trying to get sand plums cleaned, de-stemmed, cooked, and juiced (with a stove that is now shooting sparks out of 2 burners, thankyouverymuch for your lack of response, Mr. Property Owner Sir), and giving the boys baths, and doing laundry, and sorting out some craft stuff, and doing a few other things at the same time, guess what?

I'm tired.

I don't feel like doing anything. They voluntarily went to bed, and I wasn't going to argue with them about picking up the toys. I'll just do it myself. Sometimes, it's just not worth the battle.

And after I get the toys picked up, and clean the kitchen (again), and do some more laundry, and work on some more craft stuff that I *have* to do, and get the trash out, I might get to bed by 2:00, if I'm lucky. We have to be up early tomorrow too because Daniel's first day of his other preschool is tomorrow (yes, I was able to get him in, despite lacking the information that I needed on the application.

Then the older 3 kids will be home after school tomorrow, but it's going to be a rush night to get them in, get homework done, get them fed, and get them back out the door to go to church with their father. Yes, tomorrow is the first in a very long series of Very Chaotic Wednesdays. *sigh*

Yeah, so I just needed to vent tonight. Deal with it.


  1. Sounds good to me! The venting I mean...will it help at all if I say "this too shall pass"?? Probably not, right?
    So on that note...TRY to get SOME sleep tonight...things will wait to get done...they ALWAYS wait!
    Big hugs and a wish for pleasant dreams..

  2. Amy, I think you are AMAZING! I don't know how you do it all! Rest well...for tomorrow is going to be another fun filled day! ;D

  3. Thanks Mare and Karen! I just love you guys!

    I have gotten most of the kitchen cleaned up and the dishwasher is running. The trash is out, well most of it anyway. Enough that the house won't be condemned (tonight). Still have to do toys and laundry and some craft stuff.

    The thing that sucks is that if I don't get it done, no one else is going to do it. And it'll just give me more to do tomorrow. It never ends, and not having any help just makes it that much worse at times.

    Like I said, I'm just having a pity party for myself right now. And venting. I'll get over it.


  4. Vent Away GIRL!

    I completely feel for you.

    I have a theory that all this hectic-ness, and all the lack of sleep... is a test.
    That one day, all of it will pay off, and I'll get something SUPER for my sacrifices.

    It keeps me going.
    I hope it helps you.

    After many problems today... I was able to actually POST my WHATEVER WEDNESDAY... it's about ROAD RAGE.
    Come check it out!


  5. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, Kateri, but I will! I promise!


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