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Monday, September 26, 2011

Trick or treat bags (and sedum).

Trick or treat bags are done for the craft show on Saturday! Woohoo!

Same bags, just inside out. Or outside in - whichever you prefer.

Of course, part of the process of finishing them is to wash and dry them so that they "fuzz" properly. I made 5 in this batch, and this is the pile of fuzz that I fished out of the washer (as it was running) and out of the dryer.

I also added the bags to the Stuff That I Do page, which I see now really needs to be updated....

Parting shot....and a special shout-out to Casey at casey/artandcolour for identifying these mystery plants in my garden as "sedum". I had no idea what they were until I saw them on his blog. Go look at his blog for some fantastic pictures of all sorts of neat stuff! I officially have garden envy from reading his...


  1. Those bags are SUPER cute! How much do you want for them? I'm thinking that may be something cute to get for my nephews....and of course Ava. ;)

  2. CUTE BAGS! Approximately how much candy can they hold? ROFL.

  3. J - I'm selling them for $10 each (plus shipping) for anyone who wants them!

    Kateri - not *quite* as much as a plastic grocery bag.....LOL

  4. Hmmm.. that may not work for me.. can you construct one that will hold volume and weight?

    Just Kidding... unless you can do it, and then we are in business!

  5. LOL I seriously could - that's the beauty of these bags...add squares to make them bigger, reduce the number of squares to make them smaller! The original bag that I made like this was actually huge - you could fit 3 gallons of milk in the bottom of it. I sized that pattern down do make these.


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