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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting back on track

So after yesterday's announcement about getting off of my fat ass and getting moving, I came so close to blowing it off today. I was so not in the mood to do anything. I thought about it and debated it and tried to get out of it, but I knew deep down that I had to do it.

My original plan was to get up early enough to walk Alex to school. Uh, yeah, that didn't happen - more like getting up 10 minutes before he had to be there for breakfast, throwing Daniel into the van in his pajamas, and growling the whole way there. After we dropped him off, I got a shower and made myself look semi-human, and then got Daniel ready for playschool.

We were going to walk there. Oops.

Finally, I drove Daniel to school, and then started walking from there. I started out slowly, really just not getting into it. But as I got farther from the buildings, I started picking up the pace a bit.

Of course, it helped that I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. Well, except for the stretch of the path that was maybe 30 feet off of the interstate. That part wasn't so pretty if I looked to the right - but as long as I kept looking to the left and ignored the noise, it was pretty.

I love this trail. I found part of it this past spring when I was out walking regularly, but I explored the whole thing today. I think I did a total of 3.65 miles.

I'm pretty sure that I found the Circle of Life tree from "The Lion King" too. I need to head out that way again with my real camera to get better pictures.

Anyway, it's been a typical day. Craziness, as usual.

Walking. Laundry. Dishes. Cooking. Bitching about what I cooked. Getting kids home and sending them back out the door to church. Homework. Running to the store to get stuff.

Oh! I almost forgot about this one - Sarah has been bugging me about shaving her legs. Really? She's 11! But, I did a very scientific study about it and after I analyzed the results I determined that this is the age where girls are starting to do it (ok, I posted it as a facebook status and polled my friends).

I was hesitant to put a razor in her hand (ok, terrified) so we bought some Nair-type stuff (or maybe it was the real Nair) and I put it on her legs and made her sit for a few minutes and voila - it worked. She's thrilled, and I'm devastated that she's growing up so fast.


Oh, and she has a boyfriend. But they don't kiss or hold hands or anything, because that's gross. They just eat lunch together.



  1. That looks like an amazing trail to walk on, i would love to live around there so i could take my Siberian Husky on his walks around there, it would be awsome. We have a not to bad one here but it's not fantastic.

    As for the whole shaving thing, i think i was the same as you when my daughter wanted to start shaving, although i think in the end we made her wait till she was 12 before we handed her a razor and told her to knock herself out. Parenting never a dull moment.

  2. It really is a cool trail - much better than going through the residential areas which is really the only other option unless I want to go out "into the country" which is a little too far for me.

    Sarah will be 12 in November. So she's close. It's just....... traumatic. For me, not her.


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