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Monday, September 19, 2011

Today's accomplishments

Figured out a way to strain the goo out of the sand plum juice, since I forgot to get more cheesecloth. Yet another use for coffee filters...

Finished up the LAST of the sand plum jelly (under Buzz's watchful eye). I am DONE. I am not picking any more this year. This is it. Done. Finished. All gone. Seriously.

Walked the boys back and forth to school today. As in, didn't drive at all. The van only started up long enough to back it 2' back in the driveway so that I could get the stroller out of the garage.

Got the boys fed, bathed, into pajamas, and into bed by 8:30pm.

.........and, last but not least....

Now, to finish cleaning up the kitchen, put the rest of the toys away, and get my head organized for tomorrow. Yikes.


  1. Gosh Amy...why don't you ever find something to do LOL!!!! You are one busy lady and the reason I am glad my kids are all adults now! :)
    Oh, and good job on the walking...btw, what app are you using...did your droid survivive or did you have to get a different one...my BB is going CRAZY AND I am beginning to think what I could get for different/better replacement.
    Have a good (allergy-free) day

  2. A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!11


  3. MmmmMmm Plums.

    I love his thomas pillow case, we have a few bed sets with that blue train!
    (And a thomas shaped pillow that is USELESS. More a stuffed animal then pillow)

    And you got the garbage out? I know that's one of your vices... GOOD FOR YOU! I hate taking out the garbage. it's such a pain.

    And the amount of walking you're doing is insane! INSANELY AWESOME!


    I'm back on the scene, after a few days off.

  4. Mare, I still have my Droid, and I use RunKeeper when I walk - I really like it, but I've had a few issues where I started it too fast and the GPS hadn't locked in on my location yet and it didn't work right. As long as the GPS is locked in, it's great.

    Kateri, that pillowcase was sent to me by a dear friend from high school - her boys had outgrown the Thomas phase (I so wish he would too) so she sent that with some movies.

    I went to bed early last night. Slept until I had to take Alex to school. Came back, went back to bed, and slept until I had to take Daniel in. I still feel like death, but I'll get over it in a few days.

  5. Hurray for remembering to take out the garbage! :)

  6. Laney, I may have had a few reminders..... ;)


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