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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy day

Normally, if I have the 3 older kids with me on Sunday morning, I get them up and ready and then they go to church with their father and stepmother. For whatever reason this morning, Jared decided that he wanted to go to church with me and Daniel. Lucky for him that he did, because the kids got to go up front during one of the songs to play instruments!

After church, the 3 of us ran to the store to get a present for my niece's son's first birthday.

I should clarify that. Technically, she's Ex1's niece. So she's my ex-niece. Which would make her son my ex-great-nephew? great-ex-nephew?

Whatever. She's my niece. He's my great-nephew. :) We just love to tell people that we're exes to each other just to get the reactions.

Yummy cakes. White, carrot (ok, ick on that one), and red velvet.

The birthday boy!

"I can eat the candle, right Mom?"

Whatever you do, don't stand between the boy and his cake!

I had only been to this park once, and didn't realize that there was a little mini-zoo there.

Daniel of course wanted to go play for a while...

I...I mean Daniel...was really disappointed that the rocket was off-limits.

Daniel with cousin Ashley

We got to "chase" a train as we were leaving Wichita.

Daniel thought it was the coolest. thing. ever.

He fell asleep on the way home. Woke up long enough to ask me to carry him into the house, and then he crashed on the loveseat. This was at maybe 5:00? I finally just put him straight into bed, still in his clothes, and he never even flinched. He is exhausted!

Alex came home from his father's house around 7:00, got a bath, got into his pajamas, and watched a movie until about 9:00. His eyes were getting heavy so I tossed him into bed too. Easiest bedtime we've had around here for a while.

Tomorrow is Alex's first day of all-day kindergarten! And of course I just realized that he has to have an apple and a box of cereal to take with him. Oy. Luckily, we only live a block from the grocery store, so we'll be making a pitstop on the way to school. Going to try to walk it if we get up in time.

I have big plans for this week. OK, maybe not huge, but big to me. I'm going to wait and see how much of it I get done before I say too much about it though. Have to keep everyone guessing! ;)


  1. Amy...you are SUCH a tease! BIG plans again, hm?? Last time it involved a name change and that was a BIG deal!!! Trying to guess...
    Looks like a really great day and glad to hear that Alex is able to see his dad more...hope that is all going good..Was it just you and Daniel at the party? (the birthday boy is adorable and a BIG BOY for 1!! a real cutie)
    OK...hope you are heading to bed soon!

  2. Nah, Mare, this one really isn't a big deal. More of a 'personal goal' for the week so I want to see if I can hit it or not.

    Alex's situation does seem to be getting better - and I think once he's in school all day every day it'll help even more. The kid just needs more structure than I can give him with the constant chaos around here.

    Yep, it was just me and Daniel. The older 3 were with their father (Jared went back after church) and Alex was with his. It was kind of nice to only have to keep track of one little hoodlum at that park! LOL

    I will be crashing soon - I'm suddenly feeling very sleepy....


  3. I still haven't figured out what the xsx part is - I'm so confused!

    So glad that we made it down there today - we need to get together more often, ya know?

  4. Oh, that rocket. I slid down it many times as a kid from the upper level (that was closed off first), and I turned out okay. C'mon, people. =)

  5. What a little cutie! Looks like your busy day was fun, at least!

  6. Adrian - yeah, the people who were there who have been around the area longer than I have were telling me about the slide that was on there? They have the opening in the bottom sealed shut so it's just a big statue at this point. I was bummed because I thought that we could climb in it! :(

    Amy - it was a good day! Long, and tiring, but good! Daniel slept straight through until about 6:30 this morning when I finally woke him up! LOL

    Today is even busier, but not so much fun. Lots of cleaning and working around the house, but, I'm on a mission so it feels good to get some things done!


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