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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good day, bad day.

Good day: Daniel's first day of his other preschool. Although we were a few minutes late getting there (oops) he was thrilled to see his old teachers and a few old friends from last year. And he loves his new visor.

And no, he doesn't ride in the front seat. We got to preschool early, and were sitting in the parking lot waiting to go inside.

Bad day: Alex is getting sick. Like really sick. Like, he has been voluntarily going to bed for the past couple of nights, his voice is hoarse, and I can hear him moaning in his sleep. I have a feeling he won't be going to school tomorrow. :(

Good day: We had beautiful weather again, and the kids went outside and played while I made supper. It was so nice to watch through the kitchen window and see them out there playing together, and for the most part they were even enjoying each others' company.

Bad day: Seeing pictures of the flooding back home, including one of my friend Jessica's van floating away from her house. She most likely lost everything, but we won't know until they can get back to their house. They had to leave and walk a mile through water and muck carrying two of their babies to get to a car to get to safety. She has 7 kids, ranging in age from 1-13 and while they are all physically safe, their world has been turned completely upside down.

Seriously, looking at all of the pictures that have been posted on facebook today has just been breaking my heart. So many people have lost so much in such a short period of time. The rain wasn't supposed to be as severe as it was today, and it wasn't even supposed to hit that area, but it did. And it hit hard. People are talking about how things were fine, and then 20 minutes later they had a foot of water in their home. And then 2 feet, and then 3....

Things can change in a heartbeat.

Every possession that we own can be washed away in moments. Lives can be taken.

Never, ever, take anything for granted.


  1. SO sorry to hear about your friend and her family (well...everyone in that area!) How scary but am glad they are safe.
    Also sorry to hear Alex is getting sick...hopefully it is something that will pass quickly and not run rampant through the family!
    and one last wish for you...to GET SOME SLEEP TONIGHT! You need it I feel certain.
    Take care...

  2. I'm going to bed right now, Mare. Alex migrated from his bed to mine and he seems to be sleeping better now. So I'm going to curl up with him and try to get some rest. 5am comes mighty early around these parts....

  3. Oh my. I am so sorry to read about your friend.

    Areas around here are starting to flood again as well. Emry's first day of school was canceled due to it.. we were very sad. (ME ESPECIALLY).

    I hope Alex feels better.... I'm a big fan of echinacea... I cut the dose down to 1/4th than it should be, and I put it in Emry's juice in the morning.. It keeps up his immunity.

    But, I firmly believe that all the kids are getting sick due to this moist yet humid weather... It's just not good for the throat and lungs...

    UGH! I hate this weather... Want to move to Antiqua or Fiji? It's beautiful there!
    I'm not sure how'd we get there... but, I imagine I could start building an Arc.... you know, float there....

    I hope all is well today.


  4. Well Alex does seem to be feeling better. He's still coughing, but he's acting fine. I have a couple of hours to decide whether or not to send him to school, but at this point I say he's going.

    A blog has been started with information on my friend's family...


    Feel free to check that out - there are ways to donate either stuff or money on there, and updates as to the condition of their home will also be posted there.


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