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Friday, September 23, 2011

Our (better) day in pictures

OK, seriously, how could the day NOT be good when it starts out with a sunrise like this?

I had to stop. I just had to. It was too beautiful to pass up.

Today was the 5th graders' Parade of States - each student is assigned a state and decorates a "float" for the parade with facts about that state. They march around town (complete with the marching band) and back to the school.

Emily's state was Connecticut.

She was getting pretty tired toward the end. They kept it going at a pretty good clip the whole time.

Hard to see it, but Daniel's pockets are stuffed with candy. Ex1 rode along the parade route to pick up any disabled floats in the school's Gator, and he had the candy - so Daniel got several huge handfuls thrown straight to him. He was a happy camper!

Back home after the parade, and back to work. This is the cabinet in the girls' room that I fixed yesterday.

Their desk. This was a freecycle treasure, and the middle drawer has never been in it. I was tired of them nagging at me about it, so I finally took care of that today.

We go for function, not beauty in this house. The whole thing needs to be taken apart, stripped, and refinished anyway. Add that to the list of things to do.

Daniel didn't have school today, so we walked when we got Alex from school. I had the stroller with me, but he walked the entire way there and back. 1.5 miles round trip. So he was tired by the time we got to the football game tonight.

Alex and Jared actually sat beside each other and didn't kill each other - amazing. But, Alex was pretty tired too because he walked the whole way home from school.

Parade of States again, at halftime. Alex and Daniel and I left right after this so that they could get to bed, but we were up 15-0 by that time. I hope that the second half went as well.

Alex read the entire book. By himself. Out loud. I've never been so proud - but he's still in trouble for breaking my van.

Good news is that I went to the local junkyard today, and they *should* have the part that I need - so instead of paying $80 for a new one, I can get a used one for $20.

Could be worse.


  1. Holy crap....Alex is reading? Seriously? I can't believe he's reading already. Oye.

  2. You are so productive. It makes me want to throw up a little. =)

  3. LOL Adrian! Not always....some days, I am little more than a big blob of goo. :P


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