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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jellyfest and a Sportsgasm

After spending last evening making juice out of sand plums, I ended up with about 28 cups of juice. Thankfully I didn't end up with much more, because I was running out of containers to put it in. OK, I was running out of clean containers...I was tired, deal with it.

Today, after the older 3 kids got up and left with their father, I decided to get started. And let me just say that it is amazing how quickly the process went with a stove that actually worked - I couldn't believe how quickly everything boiled! I got 5 batches done in about 4 hours - but I was also washing stuff in between batches so that the whole kitchen wasn't totally trashed. I do still need to clean the stove top - I want to try to keep it just as shiny clean as it was when it was delivered the other day, if at all possible.

By the end of it, I had quite a few jars....20 pints and 10 half-pints, to be exact.

pretty jelly....

Then I got to sit down and watch my beloved Penn State football team play against Alabama. We got killed. I was sad. But, at the same time, I was very happy that I had the chance to sit down and actually WATCH a game - something that I haven't done in a very long time.

On top of that, after the game was over, I got to watch a race. Yes, I am a huge fan of NASCAR, and especially Jeff Gordon. Now I will admit that I didn't focus on the race very well - I'm sleepy, and with only Daniel here it was hard to stay awake - but I did watch. It was a crazy race with tons of wrecks...Jeff was in the lead toward the end, but ended up coming in 3rd. *sigh* Oh well, he's still in The Chase. AND it was the first race that I've watched in a while.

I was so excited when I realized that the Penn State game was being televised out here - and that it was on a non-cable channel! And then when I saw the race was on too....oh yeah!

Total sportsgasm.

It was a good day. But as usual, I'm exhausted. I should just give up and go to bed now, because otherwise I'm going to get my second (third? fourth?) wind and stay up all night - and I want to try to get up early enough to toss Daniel into the stroller and walk to church in the morning, but we'll see if that happens or not.


  1. Wonderful! The jelly looks great! I LOVE listening to the "pop" of the jars...just told someone today how my mom used to finish up and we'd start to listen and count...she LOVED to hear them "pop"...such satisfaction.
    Cheers for a job well done.
    What a quiet household you must have! wow...Hope you can get a bit caught up on a bit of rest.
    Have a great Sunday...hope you get that walk to church...

  2. OOH, OOH! p.s.!! I LOVE how you got a good clear jelly not easy to do ...AND congrats on getting the landlord to cough up a new stove. Now if he can only just fix the bathroom...for good...permanently...like REALLY good!

  3. Ohhhh no. You're a NASCAR fan. That explains so much... =)

  4. Mare, that "pop" is my absolute favorite part of canning! It's so satisying to hear it - and with this jelly, it happens almost instantaneously. But yeah, I count them as they pop so that I know when they're all done.

    I need to do watermelon pickles today.

    Adrian - you just hush it! NASCAR rocks!


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