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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How my Wednesday *actually* went...

This is the comparison of how I had planned for my day to go....and how it actually went.

7:00 - Get up. Get Alex, Daniel, and myself dressed.
Well, I was still wearing the same clothes from last night, so technically I was dressed.
7:30 - Take Alex to school.
     *Do laundry and general cleaning.
     *Feed Daniel breakfast. Oh, and I have to eat too.
Oops. I forgot to eat.
9:00 - Take Daniel to playschool.
     *Go walking. Must. do. this.
This, I did. Close to 5 miles too. So there. Ha. pleasepasstheibuprofen
11:00 - Pick Daniel up from playschool.
Went to the post office to mail a package to my parents and went and picked up pizzas for supper before going home.
     *Shower...because I did go walking.
     *More laundry, cleaning, etc.
Managed to do that...
12:30 - Take Daniel to preschool.
     *More laundry, cleaning, start supper.
OK, didn't start supper, but I at least had it in my possession.
3:00 - Pick Alex up from school.
3:30 - Pick Daniel up from preschool. Of course, he came home with his clothes covered in poop in a plastic bag, as the poop train apparently made an unscheduled stop today. However, I have determined that the wreckage left by said poop train is directly proportional to how much popcorn he has eaten the night before. Don't ask me how I figured that out.
4:00 - Jared and Emily get home from school (Sarah stays after for
     weight training and Ex1 takes her to her practice).
     *Help Emily, Jared, and Alex with homework.
     *Supper, supper cleanup, etc.
Check, check, check, checkity-check check check. I'm on a roll now...
6:35 - Drop Jared off at Ex1's church. Even got gas first...
7:00 - Get Emily to basketball practice.
     *Attempt to amuse Alex and Daniel for 90 minutes while Emily practices.
Kept Alex amused by making him read books to fill out his reading log.
8:30 - Basketball practice done.
8:45 - Meet Ex1 to retrieve Sarah and Jared.
9:00 - Home. Emily into shower. Everyone into bed.
Ok so the girls didn't get showers (forgot that they would both need one) but they'll get them in the morning.
     *Clean up the rubble from the day.
     *Pack lunches, make sure backpacks and stuff are ready.
Not yet, but getting there.
9:30 - Curl up in a corner in the fetal position and attempt to regain some
Haven't had time to do that yet either.

A few pictures from the day, starting with the walk.....

I realized a few minutes after I had to stop and take off my gloves to get to an itch on the back of my leg that I had lost my CF bracelet that I've been wearing for a year and a half? 2 years? so I did a second lap and found it right where I thought that it would be.

Success! Can't lose this one!

Yep. He chucked a hedgeapple at me. Jerk.

For some reason, "Hakuna Matata" started playing in my head when I saw this tree.


Emily, doing her best Christopher Robin impression.

Daniel wasn't impressed.

Alex kept himself amused for most of practice.

This is my IDGARA look. Who can figure that one out?

Go Emily, go!


  1. I KNOW, I KNOW!!!! I don't give a rat's ass!!! Now, since I'm so awesome, what do I win? :P

  2. Hey, that was quick! You win my undying love and affection.

    Oh wait...you already had that.

    Um, I'll send you brownies sometime before the year 2046.

  3. But for further points, can you name the movie reference?


    Everything is always so timed to the minute, and some things fall to the wayside only to be picked up and rushed through later (bc, it has to get done.)

    I don't know how you do it with all those kids. I bow to your supreme parenting.

    A very tired, over scheduled parent.


  5. Man, I so missed the rest of the comments that night....I was tired. I sadly cannot name the movie, but brownies before the year 2046 would be great. :)

  6. Patch Adams.

    You'll get your brownies at some point. However, I don't believe that I have your new address. Just sayin'.

  7. I love this post! doing some reading and I must have missed this step into hilarity :)


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