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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Door #1

So what was behind Door #1 that I mentioned last night?

I'll tell you - it's the closet in the girls' room.

Now, what rocket scientist decided to take an already-tiny closet, and then paint it a dark, dark blue - so dark that it's almost impossible to see anything in there without a flashlight? This has driven me nuts ever since we moved into this house.

So I decided to do something about it.

The first step was emptying all of the crap out of it. Uck.

Little bit of demo work to get the shelf and the rod out.

Daniel wanted to help paint.

I let loose with my inner graffiti artist.

First coat.

I was so thankful when I realized that the carpet in there wasn't attached to the floor....made getting the bottom edge done so much easier.




Recycled this from the opposite side of the closet and added a couple more hooks to it.

So tomorrow I get to go through all of their crap and get it all put back into the closet, along with doing their laundry and getting that put away. Yes, I will do it for them this time, simply to make sure that everything goes where it's supposed to go at least one time. I really should go through their dresser drawers too, but I so do not want to even go there.


By now I'm sure you've all heard about the earthquakes that have hit this area of the country. I had heard nothing about it AT ALL until 10:53pm last night when a quake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale hit central Oklahoma. I was in bed - asleep - and it woke me up. I will freely admit that it scared the shit out of me for a few seconds until I figured out what it was - and the epicenter was roughly 180 miles south of here. But it was crazy. I could go into all of the details of how it felt and how it sounded, but honestly, at this point, it would sound like every other OMG you're not going to believe what that earthquake felt like! story.

The point of me rambling on and on about the earthquakes? Oh yeah - I almost forgot. I wanted to show you my damage. PLEASE IGNORE THE COBWEBS. Yep. I had damage. Woo. That crack had already started, but was only a few inches long - until last night.

Mental note: go through house and clean cobwebs from walls/ceiling.


  1. The closet looks great ^_^ and sorry about the earthquake.
    ~Randomness From A Scatter-Brained Mom

  2. Congrats on the closet transformation! You are rockin' the handiman vibe! I SO could (well, maybe could but would not ) have gotten that accomplished! You DO inspire me though!
    Hope you're sleeping quietly and safely tonight...


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