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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Being sick sucks

Apparently last night, the stomach flu decided to slam into me like a fully loaded freight train. I was relatively fine one minute, and the next minute I wanted to die. I spent most of today sleeping, in between running kids back and forth to school.

I've been wanting to get all of the trash picked up out of the van for the past few weeks and just haven't had a chance to do it. So after I picked Alex up from school, we went to get Daniel but had about 20 minutes to kill before we could go in to get him.

I used that time (and Alex's unending energy) to my advantage - and he picked up all of the trash for me, including stuff that had found its way into the very back end.

After we got back from school, The Dude came over for a while to check on me and make sure that I was ok. I have to admit - it's nice to have someone do that. It's been a long time, and I think that I could probably get used to this pretty quickly!


And another one from the My Children Can Sleep Anywhere files....

As I was playing around on the computer after supper, I became aware of snoring sounds.

I don't know what they do to this kid at school, but he is about worn out every day when he comes home. I plucked him up off of the floor and tossed him into bed at about 6:45, and he'll sleep through the night.


  1. I think your kids are part cat. ;)




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