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Friday, November 4, 2011

We are a community.

When I started this blog back in January, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. None. A friend suggested it, I thought that it sounded like fun, and so I did it. While I am nowhere near a big blog, I am always surprised at the number of people who follow what I have to say.

Of course, some of them are my friends or family, and they probably follow me because I told them to. Some are friends of theirs. I look at the lists of people who follow this blog and most of the time, I can't figure out who in the heck they are.

As I started following other blogs, those bloggers started following me back. That's kind of cool. :)

(I'm going into Vague Mode for a little bit - bear with me.)

Right after I started blogging, I started following the blog of a certain celebrity. I noticed that the followers of that blog would not only comment on the blog, but would also have conversations amongst themselves and had formed a tight little group of friends - all through comments on a blog.

Of course, by commenting on a blog, it leaves a link back to your own blog in your profile. So as I joined in on this little group of commenters on the celebrity's blog, the other commenters saw my blog and I saw theirs - and some of us started following each other.

One of these 'blogging friends' made the announcement that her 34 year old daughter had been diagnosed with colon cancer. 34 years old? She's younger than I am was my first thought. She has kids was my second thought. She has started going through chemo, but as anyone knows, it's not a cheap process - especially when there are travel expenses involved. Her mother blogged one day about some tshirts that had been made - friends and family members bought them for 2 reasons: to help defray expenses, and to show her daughter (through photos of them wearing them in front of their houses) that regardless of where they were, they were fighting the fight with her.

Of course I got one. Why wouldn't I?

The majority of the blogs that I follow are parenting blogs - and I love how we have gotten to "know" each other. Whether through comments on a particular post, or through conversations on facebook, we learn about each other. We support each other through the rough times, celebrate during the good times, and amuse each other when we are bored. We ask for and offer advice on everything from potty training to getting more followers and everything in between.

I never expected any of this when I started. I remember my friend saying I bet you can get 30 followers in no time at all and I laughed at her. I never expected to become part of a community like this. Hell, I never thought that anyone would even read anything that I had to say.

But it has happened, and it's real, and I love it. I am thankful for the bloggers (and followers) who I have "met" during this process. I look forward to meeting some of you in real life at some point (no, I'm not a crazy stalker - but a few of us have talked about getting together).

And I'm just happy that we can support each other like we do.

NOTE: I went into Vague Mode to protect the identities of my friend and her daughter as they go through this difficult time in their lives. If either one of them chooses to reveal their identities, that is up to them. I won't do it, and would like to ask that our mutual friends not do it either - leave it up to them if they want to do so. Thanks!


  1. as always very respectful and very cool..you are and always were an inspiration to us all :-)

  2. OH AMY!!! What a beautiful post!!!! THIS is why we are able to get through these times...you know the year has been horrible in many ways, but wonderful in others (like the support of new friends...people we've never met but friends all the same.)
    That you would not only purchase a shirt, but take the time to have someone take a picture and then blog...well, there are just not enough words..we feel your support and love...
    There just really are no words...I hope you "know" what I mean...
    HUGS to you...and thank you thank you!! for the support and friendship!

  3. Mare, the way that I look at it is that so many people have helped me over the past few years, which were some of the darkest of my life. They helped me to try to save my house from foreclosure, they helped me to buy the She-Beast, they helped me to move, they loved me and supported me and lifted me when I fell. I need to pay that forward. I wish that I could do more to help this particular family, but because of the distance there isn't really anything that I can do - so buying a shirt and showing my love and support was the next best thing!


  4. No Amy, not the next best thing...the BEST thing!

  5. A wonderful post! Very touching. And I fully agree about the sense of community that develops through blogging. I look forward to your posts, you speak the same language as me...lol.

  6. Can we buy these shirts and send pics, too? (one of your readers owes me an email and she knows who she is! LOL It's about the shirts!)

    Today your blog is perfect, Amy! One of the very best I've ever read. For reals as our celebrity friend would say. Thank you for touching my heart just now!


  7. Amy, you are one special person! Thanks for putting your thoughts into words!~

  8. Well said! :) It's amazing how quickly humans can weave themselves a lovely quilt of friends...



  10. Awesome post, babe! As always. I would like to see about getting one of those shirts.... :) So, you need to put me in contact with whom ever I need to be in contact with. :)

    I need to get my blog out there a bit more...I would like to have the followers that you do. So, I'll admit it...I'm jealous. :P Not that my life is all that exciting or anything, but having the support would be awesome. :)

    I love you, and we so need to have a friendly catch up conversation soon. Let me know when you have some kid free down time. <3

  11. So special Amy.The support of a fellow blogger and a wonderful one at that.I especially love that you kept her privacy, something that I agree with 100%.It is her story to tell but you did so without giving away her privacy and for that I applaud you. You are one classy broad!!!
    This California girl would certainly like to give you a big hug if I lived closer :-) (and I mean that in the most un-stalker-ish way!)
    HUGS, Beth

  12. oops, my smile got separated from my face!!!

  13. Yep, I totally agree, Amy. I love the community that we've started to build through blogging. I wasn't sure what to expect, either, but I love what it's becoming! Watch for my post Monday. ;)

  14. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate everything that you've said! I am so thrilled just watching this community grow, and I can't believe how much fun it is. I am so glad that we can all support each other like this.

    For those who are interested in the shirts, I will see what I can do... ;)

    Chris - can't wait to read it! :)

  15. I must say I'm not sure how or exactly when I found your blog, but I believe it was when I was on Vacation this summer in Vermont. But I must say I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good post!


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