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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A calmer day...for the most part.

After the complete and utter chaos that was yesterday, today was a welcomed calm.

The morning started out cold (and frosty) but the kids actually got up with only minimal airhorn action. We all managed to eat breakfast and I even got a shower *gasp* before we left to go to school.

I got the older 3 to school on time and then dropped Alex off at his school, and Daniel and I came home and hung out for a while. I did some cleaning and stuff (of course) and then took him to school. Then I had to run back out to the girls' school to take some stuff that they had forgotten this morning (grrr.) and some stuff that they didn't know that they needed.

I happened to stumble upon this scenario and sat and watched them for a few minutes - just long enough to determine that I am very happy that I do not live in that house. Seriously, watching these guys work was interesting. It's hard to tell from this angle, but that pole was within a couple of feet of the roof of that house. I'm sure that they're professionals and all that, but.....yeah.

A perk of the day was remembering that I didn't have to make supper tonight! *happy dance* There was a preschool function for us to go to where we would be served "stone soup" that was made by the kids. The soup was absolutely delicious - and probably tasted just a smidge better because I didn't have to make it.

But of course we couldn't get through even a 45 minute meal without at least one attitude problem - so once we all got done eating, we piled back into the van and came home and the boys went to bed early. Very early.

Sucks, but I can't deal with them when they act like total spazzes out somewhere. One of these days, they'll figure out that they're not going to get away with it. At least, I hope that they will.

It's times like this that my singleness comes back and slaps me in the face. When we first got there, of course the boys had to go to the bathroom. One at a time. I swear, it was like they plotted against me - as soon as one got done, another one had to go. By the time I got them all taken care of, my soup was lukewarm at best. Then on the way out of the building, they all decided that they wanted to run off in different directions - another reason why they went to bed early.

But still, while being single sucks (at times), I'm also grateful that I'm not in a crappy relationship. I know that there are good guys out there, but I haven't found one yet, and I'm ok with that. For now. Sort of.

Ok, maybe I'm starting to get tired of it. A little. Or a lot.

But I'll live.


  1. Never fails.. the second the food comes, and I put the fork/spoon to my lips... "MAMA I got to use the bathroom."

    I swear, it is on purpose.

    Boys will be Boys.
    And Emry tries to spaz out when we are out and about too... I am convinced he does this because he knows that "this" isn't about him....

    I got into the habit of just leaving.
    Getting things wrapped... Strike that, getting MY things wrapped, and leaving his there... And going home. Where he gets something so simple and tasteless that my food looks amazing.

    He stopped. It worked for me.

    Now, when he tries to spaz, I say... do I need to wrap this? and quickly, everything is okay.

    I love you.
    You're a good momma.




  3. Kateri, they just feed off of each other and it just snowballs and gets ugly so fast. And then they wonder why I never take them out to eat anywhere that doesn't have a built-in playground. =/

    Granny, that would be nice. I think. As long as he wasn't terribly annoying.


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