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Monday, November 28, 2011

Feral Socks

It never fails. Every time I do laundry, I end up with stray socks. So at some point, I got the brilliant idea to turn an old laundry detergent container into the "Runaway Sock Bucket". Every time there's a stray, it goes in the bucket. And when it starts to overflow and irritate the crap out of me, I dump it and attempt to match all of the strays.

Today, after it overflowed on me YET AGAIN, I decided to go through it and get them all matched. And I was reminded once again about how much I loathe socks. More specifically, I loathe socks in the laundry. It doesn't matter how careful I am - there are always strays. And I am convinced that the stray socks become feral and reproduce, turning into these strange varieties of socks that I have never seen before, like the small white ankle sock with a blue sole - I know for a fact that no one in this house has ever owned a pair of socks like that, so where did it come from?

But, I got the ones that had matches matched back up into pairs...threw away the feral ones that have been residing in the bottom of the bucket for the last few times that I have gone through this process, and ended up with only a small pile that are still strays. Hopefully as I continue to do laundry every day for the rest of my life over the next few days, I can get them matched up too.

Seriously - if someone were to invent disposable socks that didn't cost a fortune, I would SO be in the market for them. Buy them, wear them once, throw them away. End of my feral sock issue. And if they were one-size-fits-all and I could buy them by the case, I would be thrilled beyond belief.

Someone get on that, please.


  1. You are a GODDESS!!! I completely feel ya 100%. It is insane. I have a small square laundry basket that slides under the table for that. It's like an african safari to find socks in this house. I loathe them more than any other article of clothing and I haven't been desperate enough to deal with that damn basket again!! >.<

    ~Dawn aka Ordinary Girl



  3. I hate odd socks! But they come in really handy when you need a gross cleaning project done. Use the feral ones as gross-mess-cleaner-uppers. They are also great for dusting window blinds (make the kids do that one!!)

    They do reproduce, without a doubt. Just like those stupid plastic grocery bags in my pantry.

  4. Don't you LOVE those piles of matched socks!!! What a sense of accomplishment (and yes, I DO need a life!!)

  5. <3 this post.

    I find that months down the line, I will shake out a shirt or a pair of socks, and out will pop the missing sock.

    So aggravating...

    I also believe my dryer eats them....

  6. There used to be a cartoon show on, Ren & Stimpy. One episode was about the "lost sock planet" where there were mountains and moutains of socks that came there from peoples' dryers. So I know that's why our lost socks go...


  7. Feral socks? This is why I love you. And it's a good band name. For your traveling family band.

  8. Hey, a traveling family band....you could have something there.

  9. The Container Store sells sock clips. You clip them together prewash so you can't lose them.

  10. Try buying everyone a laundry bag and make them put their socks in it, then throw the whole thing in the washer/dryer and return it to it's owner. No lost or missing socks. I just can't get my kids (or the Chief) to put them in the damn bag....

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  12. I never have to pair the socks after washing and drying....after buying the 13 yr old a dozen pairs of socks at the beginning of the school year by Halloween he could not find even 2 that matched so I came up with this: I bought 5 dozen of the big colored safety pins for cloth diapers....1 dozen of each color....each of us has a dozen in our own color...My house rule is As soon as You take your socks off You had better use 1 safety pin to pin them together BEFORE you put them in the hamper....ALL UNPINNED SOCKS WILL BE DYED PINK FOR THE BOYS & OLD MAN BROWN FOR THE GIRLS....but the best part is .....the rule breaker,has to dye his or her own unpinned socks.....I didn't break the rule, why should I be punished with extra work.... for somethingthe kid did.. so as part of their consequences they have to not only wear the UGLY dyed socks, they also have to dye them too while I sit back and relax :) Now I wash and fold the clothes but I refuse to try to match up any socks other than my own....should the refuse to do it then she usedu rusc thendo so....As part of ther "CMMUNIY "and they descend upon me as soon as they hear the dryer BUZZER go off and with the color coded Pins ; so those blasted sock trolls are S. O. L....no soch as gone missing yet.....

  13. oops meant sock in the last line not soch...the kids just take their still pinned pairs of socks and put them away with pin still in them....the pin is removed when they go to put on a pair and the pin gets put on a magnetic hook on the side of their dresser above the hamper...so when socks come off pin is right there.....


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