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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In light of this evening's developments, I can't even come up with anything to say.

So I'll just share some pictures.

May, 1994 - I was 23 years old and thought I knew everything.

Beaver Stadium in the background

At the Nittany Lion Shrine (grouchy look on my face due to my mother not being able to work the camera properly)

Top of the bell tower at Old Main

I will ALWAYS be proud of this.

Me and Gramma - my biggest cheerleader in college - the day after graduation. She wanted to be there, but wasn't well enough to travel the 50 or so miles for the day. This is the last picture that was ever taken of us together - she passed away 3 months later.

Suffice it to say that I am devastated right now.

My heart is breaking for the boys who were abused. It never should have happened. I hope and pray that they are getting all of the love and support that they need as they relive the horrors of their pasts.

I hope and pray that the students (and others) who are in State College right now can keep their emotions under control. Riots and violence are not the answer to anything.

I am sad to see an amazing career end like this. It never should have happened this way.

Lastly, I hope and pray that justice will prevail.

I am - and forever will be - Penn State.


  1. I'm sorry, Amy...very sad situation all the way around. While it's sad that such a strong career had to come toppling down like this, I really think the university did what it had to do. The legal crap that they will be dealing with probably didn't leave much choice. And, whether he did what he was "supposed" to do and reported it to his command, this is a situation so serious and dire that he had a moral responsibility (in my opinion) to take it to the authorities when that didn't happen. How many other kids fell victime because of his silence? He's obviously not the one at fault, but he had knowledge of something so sick and twisted that he chose to forget about once he fulfilled his obligation. Just my thoughts. I have always liked Penn State (anyone who can beat the crap out of the Buckeyes is awesome in my book)...this makes me very sad. I really wish the student body would control themselves and be the standup institution they have always been amidst this chaos that they had no responsibility in.

  2. 1) I know it sucks... And it's not over yet... which breaks my heart even more... **sighs**

    2) I love your new "only rule" when commenting. I luv to see when they change.


  3. Momma T - The thing that makes me so mad right now is that McQueary still has a job. He witnessed one of the assaults and did nothing to stop it AND did not go to the authorities. That disgusts me. Yet, he'll be on the sidelines on Saturday, and the one who followed the rules will not be.

    Kateri - The only reason that I started moderating the comments was because someone felt the need to reveal my ex's last name and the town that he was from in a comment - totally not cool. So as long as everyone can play nicely, I won't moderate - but I can always turn that back on if need be.

  4. Non-Stop Mom - I'm very sorry. With you being a Penn State Alum, I can only imagine how hard this must be for you seeing the University you love cast in such a negative light. I agree with everything you said in your post and your comment back to Momma T. I can only hope the students can find it in themselves to not act destructively and take from this sad situation that no one man or program is above doing the right thing... no matter how painful. I too pray for the victims and hope Justice is served on their behalf.
    Although I am a Buckeye (sorry Momma T) I have always thought the world of Joe Paterno and the Penn State program. These past few days have been hard. Seeing a good man fall from grace after SO many years of giving back and paying it forward is heartbreaking. Don't misunderstand me, I am disappointed. I believe Joe had to have known better once he knew the University was trying to sweep the situation under the rug and he should have gone to authorities at that time. As disappointed and maybe even angry as I am... Joe deserved better than to be fired in disgrace.


  5. Thank you, Munch - that means a lot, especially coming from a rival. ;)

    I've come across a couple of very interesting articles....

    This one explains from a legal standpoint why Paterno couldn't/shouldn't do any more than what he did:

    And this one, I just found. And I love it.

  6. My heart is as heavy as yours. No child should have to suffer in this most horrible way. Everyone who had a hand in the cover-up should be fired.

    I hope that State College can find a way through this -- football was huge, but certainly not the only reason to love Penn State.


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