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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whoa. Where did that come from?

So after being all sick and whiny, I was hit with a sudden burst of energy today. I'm still not feeling 100% - I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that some of my innards are still not cooperating with me - but I do feel better.

The day started off with me catching sight of this little guy on my front porch. Forgive the crappy pictures, but when taking it through the window and the screen, the chances of it coming out clear are slim to none.

But I did manage to catch him in action - if you click on the picture to zoom in and squint just right, you might be able to make him out as he jumped up onto the railing. I thought that he was going to snuggle down into the stroller, but instead he cruised along the railing and jumped onto one of the trees and took off out of sight.

He's lucky he wasn't hanging around at the height of the Animal Control trap-fest....which does appear to have been successful, as it's been at least a week since I've seen any feral cats running around. Last I heard, she still hadn't caught the pregnant one, but hopefully she ended up catching her too so that we can eliminate all of them in the neighborhood. For now.

In between all of the normal kid running I did today, I managed to fold about 87 loads of laundry (don't get excited - I still have about 42 loads left)....and then the kids came home. I had to rush to make supper (thank you, Hamburger Helper) so that I could get the older 3 back out the door with their father for church, but in the meantime I started the prep work to get some more strawberry jam made (sugar-free, this time). I'm doing a bazaar at our church on Saturday so I needed to get some made, plus I was really sick of moving the garbage bag full of frozen strawberries around in my freezer - so it was time.

Besides, I hadn't made enough jam yet this year. I got two more batches made up this evening and have just a little bit of strawberry mush leftover that I can use for other stuff. I think I'm about jammed-out right now.

So of course, in the meantime, my kitchen got trashed (go figure) so I ran about getting everything cleaned up (and it actually looks pretty good if I do say so myself) and getting the dishwasher loaded. I started to fold more laundry, and then realized that for some odd reason the load that I was folding was still wet, so there went my momentum in that department since I had to chuck it all back into the dryer. Ugh.

Then I managed to get Alex and Daniel ready for bed and read Alex's library books to them - and got them settled into bed before the older 3 came back from church.

Things are a little crazier than normal here because instead of the older 3 coming back here after school tomorrow, they are going with their father and stepmother to her parents' place for a long weekend (they're skipping school on Friday) so after I drop them off at school tomorrow morning, I won't see them again until next Wednesday. Boo. But, they'll have fun. Yay. Without me. Boo. Yes, it might be bugging me a little bit.

Ah, the joys of co-parenting. *sigh* Sometimes, it just really sucks ass, to put it bluntly. But we have to do things that we don't necessarily like to do in order to keep the peace. The kids are looking forward to going, and although I'm not thrilled about them missing a day of school, I'm ok with it happening once in a while. Their grades are good enough that it's not going to hurt them, and it's a long-ish drive so it'll be good to leave tomorrow after school.

The weather has turned to crap, as I expected. It was 73 degrees yesterday, and it's now snowing. Yes, snowing. It's not going to accumulate or anything, but still....blah. Don't get me wrong - I love snow - I just don't love the temperature going quite this psychotic quite this quickly. It makes me hurt. And when I hurt, I get crankier.

Anyway....I'm going to go attempt to climb the final mountains of laundry so that I can maybe walk into the laundry room without killing myself....hopefully my energy burst will last a few more hours so that I can at least get it folded tonight, then I can deal with putting it all away tomorrow. Yay. Then it'll be time to start organizing for the bazaar on Saturday.

Here's hoping I sell lots and lots of stuff - that's Christmas money, kids!


    Have a good night's rest...

  2. My other comment isn't here, so I'm going to post another one, just because I can, and I'm awesome. :P

    I love you girlie. I'm glad you're feeling better. Give the kiddos hugs from me. I hope S, E & J have a good time with their dad. Miss you guys. Like a lot. <3

  3. Thanks, mare!

    1stTimeMama (see I won't even use your name!) you know you are awesome. I love you too! We need to catch up again soon....



  5. Mmmmmm....jam! Looks great, and now I'm hungry! Thanks for being part of Comment Day!

  6. I can't imagine how much laundry 5 kids would create. I can barely keep up with the laundry 3 kids make. Ugh. Your strawberry jam looks yummy - I haven't tackled jam making yet. I made homemade applesauce last fall and we're still eating it (I froze it). Thanks for stopping by OINKtales! Glad you told me about #commentday.

  7. we are drowning under laundry here right now because child #1 decided he needed the power adapter more than the washer did.

    I am going to try the whole jam making thing. is it hard?

  8. Jam isn't hard - definitely less labor-intensive than jelly! I had 80 pounds of strawberries to deal with this year, so I have made a lot of it!

    oinktales - I've done applesauce and apple butter before - both are amazing, and the apple butter makes the house smell fabulous.

  9. Your stovetop is enough to convince me that I'm not going to be making any jam this year.

  10. Sell! Sell! Sell! I see loads of fun at christmas time this year. I forget...are you religious? (I know - SHOCKER - that I can't remember that detail off the top of my head.) Anyway - some of my friends (cause we all have loads of kids) are doing the 3 gift thing. You know... like Jesus got. Anyway, I'm not sure I could go to it - but it sounds awesome. I miss you. I hate that I'm so busy. Love ya, Kristen

  11. SaskaDad - it really wasn't that bad. The key is to clean it up when it's still gooey, and not wait until it is dried up and nasty. :)

    Kristen - I want to sell sell sell too! Makes it much easier to pack up and come home! ;) As for the religious part, well, let's just say that I'm working on that part right now. I miss you too - I did a quick read-through of your last few earlier today but I didn't have time to comment - I can never stay caught up with anyone anymore!


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