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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Super-Duper Saturday

I wanted to post all of this yesterday, but by the end of the day I was so tired that I just couldn't even bring myself to sit down at the computer.

It didn't start out so stellar - I woke up at 4:45am with my face smashed against the wall beside my futon, pinned there by not one, but two small bodies. And one of those bodies decided to wet the bed. Not his bed, mind you - MY futon. So once I finally got up, I had to pull the cover off of the futon (no small feat) to wash it, and then I planned to take the big cushy mattress pad to my friends' house to use their (bigger than mine) washer to wash it.

Suddenly there was a knock at my door. There stood a teenaged boy, obviously amused by my mid-calf length Penn State sweatshirt that I sleep in occasionally. He indicated that he was the grandson of my neighbor, and that he and his father were here to cut down some trees that I had mentioned to my neighbor that I had wanted to get rid of. After some discussion, a quick change of clothes, and relocation of the new van, they got to work. In the meantime, I tossed some banana bread into the oven.

Once they were done (they even removed the trees! woot!) I gave them a loaf of still-hot banana bread as a tiny thank you gift....

This one was having a long-term disagreement with the edge of the garage roof.

Then we took off to our friends' house, late as usual. As I was pulling into their driveway, I realized that I had forgotten their banana bread and the mattress pad. D'oh! The kids went outside and played while I went to the jewelry party that was happening inside, and then later I ran back home to get the stuff that I had forgotten.

One of her friends was there, and she mentioned that she had been spring cleaning and had several bags of her daughter's clothes that she needed to get rid of - our ears immediately perked up, and we ran to her house to go through the clothes. We each came out with a giant bag of clothes (and shoes) for our girls. Bonus!!!

We hung out, the kids stayed outside and played their hearts out, and then we had some burgers and hot dogs for dinner. After we all ate and it got dark, the kids went outside to play flashlight tag while we jumped into the hot tub for a while. Heaven!!

There was a beautiful full moon out and it was just a relaxing evening. For a change, the kids weren't constantly at each others' throats, and there was a minimal amount of bickering and tattling.

Then, the high point of my night. It was late when we left - I'm not even sure what time it was, but it was dark out. As I was driving, I suddenly realized something....


OK, so what's the big deal about dashlights, you ask? I'll tell you - the She-Beast didn't have any. I had to buy a little LED flashlight to keep on the dash so that I could shine it on my dashboard every few minutes to check the oil pressure and my speed. I giggled like a little girl most of the way home at the simple joy of having dashlights.

I might have been a little tired too.


  1. Sounds like all in all a good day. Some nice bonuses along the way. Even though it didn't start so well, a good day none the less and the dashlights was just a huge bonus!! I've had several vehicles that have had electrical issues, so I completely understand the importence and delight in having them work!!

  2. Sounds like a busy, but fun day!!

  3. It was wonderful! But I'm paying for it now - I am sooooooooo tired still! LOL

  4. Hooray! Dashlights!!!!! :) I've been without them too, you never realize things you take for granted!

  5. Love the "amazed" picture especially!! Such a great treasure..you will be SO glad you have it! It also sounds like you had a super busy, GREAT day...aren't those such a blessing?? And the bonus of dashlights??? beyond great...I'm really so happy you have a new van, is it the "she-princess" as opposed to the "she-beast"?? Or have you named her (or him) yet?
    Hope you have a quiet night and a dry restful one (boy, we've all been there I'm sure!)

  6. I haven't named her yet - we've been bouncing some ideas around on facebook but nothing stuck so far. Things have just been so much better all around here lately - it's so hard to explain but it's just been ..... better!

    I'll get some rest at some point - getting ready to do another post with some of the stuff that I did today - yet another hectic one! LOL


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