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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fairs and Gardens and Wind - Oh My!!!

Yet another crazy day in the books - hence another middle-of-the-night blog post.

It started off with taking the entire thundering herd to a health fair and then to a kid fest - both informational-type fairs where you can pick up an unlimited number of useless doodads from every booth, put them in a bag, and then bring them home and toss them all over the living room....

I wasn't even going to attempt to keep up with them. I know when I'm beat.

After the fairs, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some sandwich fixin' stuff and went home for lunch. Then we dropped the oldest off at a friend's house and took off to see our friends and work on the garden a bit.

Working on getting the rows set up in the garden - and trying to keep them relatively straight.

Boys walking in the rows, despite my repeated warnings...

Then I wandered off and took a few pictures, all the while wishing that I had a "real" camera...

It was a beautiful, albeit extremely windy day. We all ate dinner and then hung out for a while before the kids and I headed back home. Once we got back here and I got the kids to bed, I took a shower to get some of the embedded filth out of my hair, teeth, and skin. I played around online, caught up on some of my blog reading, started some laundry...I keep looking at the useless doodads from the fairs that are littering the living room floor, but I just haven't gotten up the initiative to do anything about them yet.

It is still so windy out - and I have just enough crap on my porches that it is blowing around, making it sound like someone is on either one of the porches trying to get in. I was just discussing this with my friends tonight - I am not generally a paranoid person, and I don't generally scare easily, but dang it I really hate the sounds that this house makes, especially at night. I turned some music on to try to drown out the noise from the wind, but it's not working. I think I need to just clean the joint up really quick, put in a movie, and go to bed...

Tomorrow promises to be yet another crazy day. Imagine that.

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