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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

~ It is Thursday, isn't it?

~ Staying up way too late talking to a friend on the phone makes for an extremely painful morning - although the conversation is always worth it.

~ Four out of five kids will be happy with the food that is available for breakfast. But the last one is the loudest.

~ Girls who can't seem to put their hairbrushes where they belong will always blame the mother for moving them.

~ One sister threatening to poke another sister with a thumbtack is akin to a death threat from the poker to the pokee.

~ When I have that fleeting thought to get gas in the She-Beast in the middle of the afternoon when it's warm and sunny, I should act on it then, rather than (1) realizing at 7am the next day that there is a lot less gas in the tank than originally thought (2) praying for extreme gas mileage on the 25 mile round trip to school (3) standing out in the cold, dreary, drizzly morning wearing shorts and a tshirt pumping $76.00 worth of gas into the tank, wishing that I had taken care of it the day before.

~ Always take that one extra step backwards before standing up from making the bottom bunk bed. The back of your skull will thank you.

~ While there are definite positives to being able to toss every piece of mail directly into the recycling bin on the way back into the house from the mailbox, it would be nice if at least one of the four pieces of financial information that I am waiting for would arrive sometime this year.

~ When spinning around in the computer chair to stand up and go down the hallway, make sure that you spin & land facing the proper direction. Doorframes are as unforgiving as bunk bed frames.

~ No matter how much time is spent cleaning the kitchen, it is never really *clean*.

~ The best time to mop the floor is when the preschooler is in school and the youngest is passed out for a nap. It does help to move him off of the aforementioned floor and onto the couch first though.

~ It never fails that just as I'm getting into something online, my phone starts ringing off the hook. And I can't be on the phone and online at the same time because I'm technologically impaired (aka too cheap to pay for "real" internet access).

~ I have no attention span today. None. Do I care? Not really. Am I still getting stuff done? Sort of.


  1. :) I give my kiddos options for breakfast except on Sunday when Hubby makes breakfast.. Do you make something every morning or do cereal too? And how about laundry that is never done? LOL

  2. I usually make them something for breakfast - their favorite is pancakes but we were running low on time yesterday. I had bought a bunch of individual cereal bowls, which they normally love, but the 11 year old was having an attitude and doing the We Don't Have Anything To Eat routine! I told her - make yourself some eggs, have yogurt, have toast, have a bagel, have string cheese, but do NOT tell me there is nothing to eat! LOL

    Oh, the laundry....don't even get me started on laundry!!!!

  3. I am enjoying your blog very much. Shows that one doesn't need a stupendous idea for every post. It's comforting knowing that we all have these kinds of days from time to time. That I'm not the only one standing in the rain or snow pumping gas or walking around with a bruise on my forehead. (Mine was from whacking it on the headboard of our bed)

  4. Thank you, Kar! I appreciate that, and I hope that your head feels better!


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