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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our trip to the circus

I just remembered (or was reminded) earlier this evening that I never posted pictures from our circus trip on Friday! So, here are a few highlights (keep in mind that I have a crap point & shoot camera....)

My little clowns!!

Going for a ride - the younger one loved it, the older one, not so much.

Tiger jumping through the ring of fire.

They flew through the air with the greatest of ease....


Crazy mohawked motorcycle rider on one end, scantily clad chick on the other, going in circles at a high rate of speed way high up above the floor. Insanity.

Deep in conversation during intermission.

My kid has never met a stranger - regardless of size.

Focus - something he doesn't do very often.

Getting sleepy....

This was the only act that made me really nervous - he stacked 8 chairs on top of each other and then balanced on them. Yikes.

Playing with the elephants.

Hard to see, but there are two motorcycles going in circles at a high rate of speed inside that cage. And the pink blob at the bottom is a woman standing in the middle of it. Another yikes moment.

Closing ceremony

"Thanks for coming, folks!!"

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