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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More random thoughts

~ Sometimes the sunrise is the best part of the day. And then it all goes downhill from there. But at least the sunrise was good, right?

~ Sometimes, no matter how much I want to go do my twice-weekly 7 mile long walk/jog, I just can't do it and I have to quit after 3 miles. But it's ok. I'll live.

~ Sometimes it's necessary to weed out the flowerbed. Even if there are more important things that need to be done, sometimes the flowerbeds win.

~ Sometimes the oven really needs to be cleaned, but then the realization hits that there is no oven cleaner to be found in the house. Dump a box of baking soda all over the black nastiness on the bottom of the oven, spritz it with water every few hours, let it sit overnight (or longer if you happen to forget about it), and then wipe out the baking soda and all the black nastiness at one time. Really. Then revel in the fact that you don't have an Oven Cleaner Migraine.

~ Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I'll totally lose my temper with my kids. And I'll feel like crap about it. And I'll wish that I could do better with them.

~ Sometimes, more often than not, local meteorologists will get everyone in the state (and beyond) hyped up for "major storms" that are going to cause "significant damage" and nothing will happen. Nothing.

~ Sometimes, I can't even finish a blog post without having to run interference with my kids 17 times, so I decide to just post it and then if I have time, I'll finish my thoughts later.


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