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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm taking you on a road trip....

I've mentioned a few times in the past week or so that we were going away this week, but haven't really gone into great detail. There's been a reason for that - you're going with me! Surprise!

I am going to be without a computer for the next 4-5 days *gasp*. However, I have a phone. And my phone takes darned good pictures. So this is my plan....

I have tried to write posts ahead of time so that there's always something ready to post, but honestly, I suck at doing that. So I'm going to post as we go. It might happen once a day, it might happen a dozen times a day - who knows? If I see something interesting, or funny, or whatever, I can take a picture of it with my phone, attach it to an email, type an explanation, email it to the blog, and *boom*. It's posted for your enjoyment.

Of course, this is also assuming that my phone will have a good enough signal at our destination. Hmmmmm.....?

Daniel and I spent the afternoon at my favorite garage, giving the van some TLC before leaving. They had this adorable little baby there!

Bad news is that I found out that I need tires. Like, now.

1971 Ford Pantera. Mmmmm.....

So now we are waiting for the older 3 kids to get home from school so that we can go get new tires. Then it's back home, finish laundry and packing, clean, supper, etc.....in the morning I am dropping the older 3 off for their last day of school *sniff* and then Alex and Daniel and I are hitting the road!

So, without real computer access, it might take me a while to read and catch up on everyone's blogs - but I'll get to them eventually! And if you leave me a comment here (I love comments) it may take me a little bit to moderate them and get them posted. Just bear with me, because it's going to be fun!

So....I have just one thing left to say.....

Get in, sit down, buckle up, and hang on!

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!


  1. Are you picking me up along the way?

  2. Not this time...you're kind of in the wrong direction!

  3. This is an awesome idea! I love it! I can travel vicariously through you! <3

  4. Yay! I always wanted to go on a virtual road trip! Can't wait to see where we end up! :)

  5. No Mare......you have to go to bed first! Early. Like now. Mom has work to do before we can leave. And clean your room too - I'm not leaving this house trashed!

  6. Hmmm, sound kinda like you have a little experience with this impatience thing, hm?? lol (don't we all i'm afraid!! :) Hope you get some rest at some point! and btw, congrats on the tires! good score..

  7. I'm with Heather... When are you picking me up? I'll start packing!!!!


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