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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A birthday

Today was Jared's 7th birthday. My first son. My beautiful blue-eyed, smart, funny, stubborn, scrawny boy with a smile that melts my heart. So many things have happened in his short little life - my divorce from his father, my remarriage and subsequent divorce, numerous moves, the death of his step-father...and the list goes on endlessly. I can only hope and pray that I am teaching him right from wrong.

We didn't do much for his birthday because it snuck up on me quickly. I made stromboli for supper at his request, and we had cake and ice cream for dessert. A friend is coming over after school for a playdate tomorrow. And we'll go shopping on Saturday so he can pick something out. Calm and laid-back celebrating - that's how we roll.

I love you, Jare-Bear!

And now hopefully, I can get this to post, since blogger appears to be in a coma still....the wonders of modern technology!


  1. OH YEAH!! IT'S POSTING!!!!! HOORAY! And happy birthday to your sweet boy...I can see where his smile could melt your heart.

  2. I actually emailed this post from my phone last night, and it just showed up. My post from Wednesday (the irises) is gone - but supposedly it will be back. What a mess.....

    And when he smiles for real....*swoon*....

  3. Happy Birthday to Jared. He is such a cutie!!!


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