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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All in a day's work

I spent the majority of the day outside yesterday - which in my book, makes it a good day already. Daniel and I went to our friends' house to work on the garden for a few hours in the afternoon...

There's not much growing in it yet, thanks to the brutal dryness that we've been experiencing lately. C'mon, rain - where are you?

Daniel and Mouse were perfectly content to play together for the entire time that we were there, which allowed me to get a lot of weeding done.

Well, at least the onions are growing....and hey, those toes look familiar!

After I got done playing in their dirt, we came home so that I could play in our dirt. I busted out the circular saw and some old landscape timbers and got to work - I had gotten a rather obnoxious phone call and needed something to do to work out some frustrations. So my front "flowerbed" went from this....

To this....
And finally, to this...
I still have some work to do out there, but it does look better. I think.

It was after I was done with this project (and weeding another flowerbed) that the boys and I decided to go to McDonalds - where the incident happened. If you haven't read that one, please do. I'd love to really spread the word on that one.

(shameless plug over)

So today will be spent following up on the aforementioned obnoxious phone call, working on laundry (it never ends) and hopefully getting back outside to do some more work out there. Even though I'm only renting, I still want to make this place look good - maybe making it look respectable is the key to keeping the *ahem* former customers of the former renters from knocking on my door looking for something that I don't have....

I can hope, anyway......


  1. I'm ready for some outdoor time now that the weather here FINALLY seems to be warming up!

  2. Man am I glad that I'm not the only one who's renting, but still puts a ton of work into their place....lol.

  3. The rain is over here..you can have it! I am ready for some sun and warmth!!!

  4. I'm glad to be finally owning and able to look out at my garden, it feels really good. Come to think of it, it is the one perk I can think of right now.....And I totally feel ya Ames, I have put some MAJOR work in around here lately. Gotta vent the frustration somehow. I seriously live in hell. :(

  5. What an awesome day...really...sounds WONDERFUL! (well except for the obnoxious phone call!)
    I'll try to send some moisture your way although right now we're pretty much just having rain clouds and cold and the rain has slowed down...at least for the moment.

  6. I will try not to accidentally infect you with the brown thumb that I sadly possess. :)
    I wish I could have a real garden (and that it would grow!!) but alas no yard in a townhome that we rent so I have to settle for potted plants on a deck that I usually kill. I did start a "salsa garden" in planters with tomatoes, green peppers and jalapenos.

  7. Plenty of rain here in VA. I'd be happy to send it your way, but UPS has a policy about liquids.

  8. You can have some of my rain! I have a tilled garden and nothing planted yet because it has rained every day since my bff's hubs came with the tiller. grr.
    Oh, and I think you should do the post you have in your head. I admit part of my reluctance to post the one I have drafted is because it's pretty personal. I'll do mine if you'll do yours!

  9. There has been plenty of rain here in NY.
    Come on over, and take it AWAY!
    You can have sole custody of the rain, if you want. I will sign my rain rights away!


    I had to giggle about the "former customers" of the "former renter".
    When I first bought my house, within a week, I had 3 guys show up at my door asking for a Vinnie... Or better yet, Vin-Dog... I swear to god. And, when I looked at them, I nodded and really excitedly told them that I lived here now... and that my (and I had to lie hear, but I was alone a lot) husband had just taken the new position at the local police station... As I said, I had to lie, but you didn't see the quality of man knocking on my front door... YUCK.
    Didn't see any of Vin-Dog's customers after that.
    I haven't got to my flower bed's yet.. I'm a disgrace... *shakes head*
    This weekend, I WILL, you have given me the driving kick in the butt!

    Happy Wednesday!


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