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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goofy Tuesday

With all of the drama that's been going on in the world lately, I feel the need to just keep it lighthearted today. I don't want to get into any debates about politics or the end of the world or anything like that. I just feel like being goofy.

With that being said, here are a few random thoughts and pictures....

The boy in the bubble...aka Daniel in the playground at McDonald's


RANDOM RANT FOR THE DAY: Grocery shopping with kids should be considered an Olympic sport. There are many skills involved that childless shoppers can never really understand. Herding the children across the parking lot without any casualties is the first one - this one also involves NOT yanking a random shoulder out of a socket in the attempt to avoid a sprint into the path of some cell-phone-talking, cigarette-smoking, sunglass-wearing, parking-space-searching driver.

Don't even get me started on the carts. Those double carts, whether they be car-shaped or not, are both a blessing and a curse. Being able to firmly restrain 2-3 kids in a cart is wonderful. Having 2-3 kids restrained in a small area leads to fist fights. And hair pulling. And scratching. And occasionally even licking. Then there's the physical demands of navigating said cart through the aisles without running over innocent bystanders or end displays of crystal dinnerware. Yikes.

After surviving the grocery store itself, there is the challenge of getting it all home, unloaded, and put away. Yesterday's grocery run was more of a nightmare than usual. I was hungry, the kids were tired, I had a serious caffeine deficit happening - it was the perfect storm. After we got home and put all the bags in the kitchen, I found a frozen pizza and nuked it for me to eat while I put stuff away. I have a chest freezer in the laundry room off of the kitchen where I keep most of my frozen stuff. There's a curtain over the doorway between the rooms, and by the time I got to the frozen stuff I was so cranky that I just opened the curtain, opened the freezer lid, and started chucking stuff from the kitchen into the freezer. Literally.
Anything frozen was flying through the air at that point. Frozen chicken breasts, bags of pizza snack thingees for the kids, fruit for smoothies - you name it, it was airborne. When I was done, I slammed the lid down, pulled the curtain over the doorway, and called it good. I'll organize it later.


RANDOM THOUGHT: I still love the days when I can go to the mailbox, pull out the contents, and throw it all into the recycling bin on the way back into the house. But I'd still rather see a big fat check from the IRS, should they ever decide to send it to me.


  1. :) grocery shopping...well I don't have that problem any more as the older kids are fine WHEN they decide to come with me... Little Man is usually pretty good, but sometimes wants to be held and so I have to push a cart and hold him... I so remember those days tho, what is it about getting into a grocery store that seems to start a wrestling match? My two before Brandt seemed to have that problem, which I never had with the two oldest.. And then one day a lightbulb went off, aha, they are boys!!! The other two are boy and girl.. Wow what a difference.. Anyway I will end the book and take your advice. I think I will forget the messy house and take a nap w/ the little guy!!

  2. I always park by a cart return or in a parking spot where some kind soul has left a rogue cart sitting. Kids go straight from mini-van to cart. No wrangling needed.

  3. So very true! I actually did a post about my shopping trip just a few days ago. What a headache. Gah!!!


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