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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Battle of the Lawn

Since my neighbors decided to mow their grass the other day, my yard was looking a bit....overgrown. I've been putting it off but I finally decided to do it today. Now, don't get me wrong - I love to mow. But, with the lack of rain lately and the high winds that we're experiencing again, by the time I was finished I had dirt in places in and on my body that would boggle anyone's mind.

Having to mow over huge dirt patches didn't help...

There were tons of branches to be picked up and bundled to go out with the trash next week before I could even think about mowing the jungle out back...

But once it was done, it looked much better....

And it was worth it to look out the kitchen window later and see this....
Sarah, my 11 year old, was out there with her colored pencils and sketch pad, working on a drawing of the neighbor's irises. Seeing her sitting there in the grass, totally focused on her project, just took my breath away.

They grow up so fast.


  1. That is a fantastic picture of your daughter. You should frame that one!

  2. I think I'm going to - I just absolutely love it! Thanks!

  3. That is a great photo. I love when we can catch our kids in wonderful candid moments.

  4. She is an amazing kid - and it's hard to get shots of her like this!


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