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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Bloggers Pay It Forward

I received this award from Heather over at My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream. Go check out her blog - she is awesome, and she's going to be a rock star! She has quickly become my blogging BFF, although she is a terrible influence on me and makes me stay up way past my bedtime *cough*.

Anyway, I'm supposed to post my favorite post of hers, which is hard because I love them all. But the first one of hers that I ever read made me think that I wasn't the only insane mother in the world - and who could not like someone who posted 101 things to do with bacon that don't involve eating it??

Also check out her newest brainchild - Blogger Idol - and if you're a blogger, get ready to audition!

Now, on to the official explanation and how-to of the award....

Our fellow bloggers present us with a lot of opportunities for furthering our blogs, and gaining followers. Here is a way to Pay It Forward to them. When you have been bestowed with the honor of the Pay It Forward Award, insert this award at the top of a blog post along with these rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award, link back to his/her blog, and post a link to your favorite post from that blog.
2. Select 5 more bloggers to pass the award to, list each of them with links to their blogs, and also post your favorite link from each.
3. Leave a comment on each of the 5 blogs letting them know that you've awarded them with the Pay It Forward Award, and they should do the same for 5 more bloggers. And remember: Good Bloggers Pay It Forward!

So without further ado, my list of 5 bloggers - be sure to go check out their blogs. Bloggers love readers, and we love readers who follow us and leave us comments even more! So go show them some love!

1. How To Be A Dad - a hysterical view of fatherhood from 2 sleep-deprived dads. But really - it's for everyone, not just fathers.

My favorite post from them is 7 Tips for Sleep-Deprived Insomniacs - if you have to ask why, then you don't know me very well.

2. Unconditionally You - focusing on "real life" people rather than airbrushed images of perfection.

Favorite post? Without a doubt it would have to be Have a Happy Period. Why? Because I'm a woman and I said so.

3. Fam in a Van - the story of a family of 6 traveling around the country in a conversion van. Sound sort of familiar? Thought so.

Favorite post? For Better, For Worse - courage, strength, determination...I can't wait to sit and read more of this family's story for myself.

4. Rebekah Tyler - a mom who took her young sons on a trip around the world, and is now writing a book about it. Love her sense of humor!

Favorite post? Her most recent one, For cool dudes everywhere! It is a great reminder that not all teenage boys are a bunch of punks!

5. Will Blog For Love - if you are (or ever have been) single, this is a must-read! Hysterically funny stories about dating.

Favorite post? Electra whatttttttt?! Oh yeah. I tried online dating. I'm pretty sure this guy sent me a message too.

So there you have it - more wonderful blogs for you to read, follow, comment on, and share with your friends! Add these to the list of 15 that I gave you in the wee hours of the morning, and you should be fully distracted from real life for quite a while.

Again, you're welcome.

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