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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long day

So I spent the day helping my friend pack up all of her belongings so that she could move on to bigger and better things. It was a long day - I forgot that she lived in a second floor apartment, so at this point, my entire body hurts from running up and down the stairs. But, we got it all loaded up, and got her car on the trailer so that I could send her on her way again. *sniff*

We had to keep moving faster and faster as the day progressed because there was some nasty weather rolling in to the area. And of course, it started to pour down rain just as we started loading the car onto the trailer. At least we're not girly-girls, or it wouldn't have gotten done.

Wait....this is supposed to attach to what???

I got out of there about 5 minutes before the hail hit, and managed to avoid any severe weather until we got back to The Dude's house. At that point, the wind and rain started. But, we were hungry, so we took his mom and went out to eat. The storm was pretty bad - there were downed branches everywhere and trash cans littering the streets but we got there, ate, and went back to his house - and then found out that there was actually a funnel cloud about a mile from us as we were going into the restaurant. And we didn't see it. But, in our defense, we were hungry.

And now....I'm exhausted. My futon is screaming my name.


  1. Dinner was good, glad I got some time with you... even if you put your butt on my Cowboys pillow...
    Love ya babe!

    1. That's the best thing that could ever happen to that ugly thing. :P
      Love you too.

  2. Sounds like a busy but fun day!

    Kerry - The Cowboy pillow deserves to be smothered in butt... ;)

  3. I shall have my revenge.


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