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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the jungle!

So I just spent a few hours in the jungle.....er, garden. It has gotten so overgrown with the rain that we finally got and with my lack of time to deal with it. There are tons of huge thistles - although they are pretty, they are brutal.

I pulled some old stock fence from another part of the yard for the peas - need to finish that up soon. It was interesting for someone who is 5'4" to attempt to pound a 6' pole into the ground -I have pictures of that, but they're on my real camera so I can't get to them right now.
We're going to go jump into the hot tub soon.......I think I need it at this point....

At least we may end up with a few tomatoes .....


  1. A hot tub sounds nice right now... It has cooled off here and is raining!!

  2. A good chunk of my garden didn't make it. I'm left with a TON of peas, more peppers than one family could ingest in a year, and like ONE pumpkin...

  3. There is nothing better than eating something you grew, right out of your garden. We have potatoes, sunflowers, bell peppers, crooked yellow squash, assorted chili's, lemons all just starting to come in. Good for you for having a go at it. Good luck, and keep us posted on your salsa garden!!!

  4. It would be so much easier if the garden was here at my house, but it's at my friends' place, where they actually have room for it. So I have to actually plan time to go and take care of it. We're going to try to go back over tomorrow and work on it some more, assuming that I'm not too sore.

    Although, I think that the hot tub may have helped with the soreness. ;)



  6. Thanks Granny! Just doing what needs to be done!

    I don't think we're going to go over today...Daniel's been threatening to puke so we're going to stay close to home and wait for him to feel better. :(

    I have a craft show to get ready for anyway.

  7. We really want to learn to garden. How hard was it to start?

  8. Adrian, it's really not hard at all, but it is time consuming. And I would definitely suggest starting way smaller than this! LOL But this one is actually a 2-family garden, and we intentionally planted more than we need so that we can hopefully sell some as time goes on. You can always start with container gardening - some tomato plants or something in pots - much easier to deal with, and way less weeding! ;)


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