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Monday, June 6, 2011

My babies are back!

I got to spend the day with ALL of my kids today - it was a wonderful day, interrupted by an occasional fist fight or screaming match (what else is new?) but all in all, it was nice to have them all home.

I managed to convince them to do some picking up in their rooms, and so once they had made some decent progress, we went to our new favorite place - Twisted Cow - for some yummy frozen yogurt!

It really hit the spot on yet another 100+ degree day.

Then I had a couple of extra kids for the evening, and after that I had to take my older 3 back to their father's house. They'll be back here again on Wednesday, and we'll be on our regular custody schedule at that point, so at least life will be a little bit more predictable.

On the way home from dropping them off, I managed to catch this shot. Still wish I had a better camera for night pictures, but you get the idea....

Now, it's back to the usual routine for me....I still have cleaning and laundry to do before I go to bed, not to mention a ton of reading to do on the auditions that have been submitted for Blogger Idol 2011 - the auditions that I have read so far are amazing, and judging all of them is going to be hard. But luckily I am teamed up with a panel of incredible bloggers for this first-time event.

I'm thinking that a pot of coffee might be in order.....

1 comment:

  1. So glad you had all your kidlets together at least for a bit...It at least gave you the kid fix necessary for a mom.
    It is cooling off here at night, but we don't have the humidity I think you might have....
    Try to get some rest...think you will be needing it!


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