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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a good day for random thoughts...

...meaning that because I have so much on my mind right now, I can't narrow any of it down into a coherent post. So deal with it.

~ I want to go on our road trip. Now.
No, we're not flying. But I want to be travelling.

~ Planning to do a bunch of laundry when one has no laundry detergent is annoying.

~ Having the stuff on hand to make the laundry detergent without having to go to the store makes the aforementioned annoying situation slightly better.

~ Going through 3 boys' clothes to get rid of stuff is a time-consuming process, no matter how many times it's been done before.

~ I still find it funny that Alex (who is 5) hands clothes down to Jared (who is 7), who then passes them on to Daniel (who is 3).

~ Even after going through everything and putting together a big box of clothes to be donated, they still have way too much.

~ Even boys are fascinated by new clothes. Daniel has been obsessing about wearing a jacket that was in a box of hand-me-downs that we got the other day. He doesn't understand that a jacket is not necessary when it is 100 degrees outside. Silly boy!

~ The craving for Diet Pepsi increases as the quantity of cans of it in the fridge decreases. Makes rationing difficult, and I *don't* feel like going to the store tonight.

~ I think I might take the kids to the splash pad tomorrow. Hopefully it's not broken again.

~ Or we could go to the lake and go swimming. Hopefully we won't run into this guy again.

~ The more I crunch numbers for our upcoming road trip, the better I feel about it. We won't have any issue with the money that we NEED to travel. I just WANT to come up with some more so that we can do a few more things while we are on the road.

~ I foresee a SewingFest in my near future. Always a good way to make a few extra bucks.

~ I really wish that sleep was optional. I could get so much more done if I didn't waste so much time sleeping.


  1. Good random thoughts. You could always bring them to the pool. The girls have been bugging hard to go but we haven't yet.

  2. Wow you can make laundry detergent? If you could do it in your sleep you'd have a side business on your hands... Good luck on the road trip!

  3. Roy, I might. Just depends on how fired up they all are because they'll all be back again tomorrow. I know we need to get down there to work on the garden too.

    2girls - you can make it! It's super easy and super cheap. And considering that I generally do 10-14 loads of laundry per week, cheap is a necessity! ;)

  4. SO....sharing the "soap" recipe? Or is it top secret? Sounds interesting.

  5. Shoot...meant to ask if the quilt is one you have for sale..We need a "for sale" post from you! You have paypal so you're already to go kiddo!

  6. Mare - actually if you click on the link up there where I mentioned making the detergent, it *should* take you to the post where I explained how to make it. At least I hope it does. LOL

    And yes, that is one of the quilts. Or at least it's a quilt top - it's not done, but it's actually the only one that I can finish myself because it's small enough to fit on the frame that I have to do the quilting on it. I'm actually hoping to bust out the frame in the next few days and start working on it so that I can finish that one.

    I think I have 5 quilt tops done - but all of them except for that one are too big for me to finish myself! LOL I just love to do the tops!


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