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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dam - it's dry

Bet you thought I was swearing, huh?

Well, maybe I am....a little bit. Lots of you have 'heard' me complaining about the lack of rain that we've had this summer. Here's probably the most telling photographic proof that I can show you.

We had some time to kill in between the time that I dropped Sarah off for volleyball practice and the parent/teacher conferences, so we headed back out of town so that I could get these pictures. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but just haven't had the time (shocker).

And I'm really not feeling well, so I'm pretty much going to slap these pictures up here and then call it quits. Really.

The upper side of the dam. The water is 2-3' below the top of it.

Random butterfly.

Yep, we walked across it.

Goofy photo op.

Maybe they should take this 'dry' time to make some repairs....

Emily found a treasure.

Anyone want to guess what (animated) movie this reminded me of?

Water level above the dam.

Yep, managed to snap a picture just as Jared took a nosedive.

Jared's treasure

To the right? Yep, that's supposed to be a rather large creek that drains into the river.

Signs of wildlife, but not of water.

How is this still standing?


  1. That last picture... wow... half of that trees root system is exposed... it makes you wonder how far and deep the other side is stretching to stay grounded....


    1. I know, right? That's not the only tree like that - and it makes me wonder about any tree alongside of a river. It's amazing how they stay upright.


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