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Sunday, June 17, 2012

More vacation prep

For whatever reason, it really hit me today that we are leaving for TMOART:12 in 4 days. Four. Like, less than a week. Later this week, we are leaving to drive 4000+ miles.

Am I ready?

Uh, no.

You would think after making this trip, or trips similar to it, several times in the past, that I wouldn't panic so much. But I am quickly heading into full-out panic mode. I have managed to avoid the worst of the jitters that I went through last year, but they're starting to hit.

I've asked The Dude about 87 times today if he's sure that he wants to go with us. Call me silly, but I just have this horrible feeling that he's going to change his mind at the last minute. Of course, I know he's not going to do that....but still....

So all that means is that it's now time to run around like an idiot and clean the house and take care of absolutely everything that must be done before we leave the house.

Because you know, the chest freezer HAS to be defrosted before we go.

And the laundry room HAS to be cleaned up and organized.

Seriously though, I'm getting my new tires tomorrow morning (yes, that's a necessity) and we're going to get the oil changed in the van this week (another necessity), and of course I'll be finishing up all of the laundry and cleaning that I have to do. And packing. And repacking. And packing and repacking the van. I will probably balance the checkbooks 32 times between now and Thursday, mapquest everything 423 times (why? I have GPS on my phone...), ask The Dude on an hourly basis if he still wants to go, and chew my fingernails down to bloody nubs.

Oh yeah. I have to do my nails too. Gah!!!


  1. Yes, dear... I'm still coming.

    1. I know, I know....I'm just nervous. Give me a break. :P

  2. keep smiling stop stressing, same trip just a few detours and a driving partner. oh and have fun




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