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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day One

So we are officially on our way. As I type this, The Dude is driving across Missouri. We have done about 300 miles so far and are running right on time to meet my friend Tom for breakfast in western Kentucky.

The Dude powernapped for a while when we first started since he's better at driving at night. We stopped in Kansas City, MO for supper. The kids are fired up but are doing relatively ok so far.

I did finally allow The Dude to drive so that I could finish my nails. Priorities, I tell you. Priorities.


  1. Holy cow!!! awesome nails!!! from a manicure on a roadtrip to boot! WOW!I am impressed (as if that mattered lol!)
    Have a blast and be safe!

  2. Awesome Nails.. and while driving.. You are a super hero.


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