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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I dumped the pictures off of my phone tonight, so that's what you get. Random shots of the past couple of weeks or so.

Trip to the dentist.

Doesn't even bother him a bit.

Do you really need an explanation? 

Chocolate chocolate chip muffins - one of the kids' favorites
for breakfast.

Enjoying some froyo.

Compare their heights - does it really look like there's 3 years
between them?

Sunset tonight.

Waiting patiently for food.

Also waiting patiently.
1. Why I will never buy New Balance sneakers again, and
2. Why I splurged on a new pair of sneakers tonight.
So....we're supposedly getting something like 7-10" of snow tomorrow (according to just about everyone on facebook). I think we might get *some*, but I don't think it's going to be that much. And yes, I am well aware that I'm going to have to eat my words one of these days, but in 15 years in Kansas I don't think that I've seen one single winter storm live up to the hype before it hit. So for me, tomorrow is business as usual, although it will actually involve a trip to the grocery store - not for storm supplies, but because we are out of just about EVERYTHING that is necessary right now. And it's driving me insane.

Of course first, I have to meet a kid at the doctor's office for a potential toenail removal....

And I want to go through the boys' clothes to get rid of a ton of stuff.....

Wednesday night chaos....

Yep. Business as usual.


  1. I LOVE Jared's face in the pic of him and Daniel. LOVE it. I miss you guys. <3

  2. Are we talking about Winter Storm Q... I hate that they name the storms now...anyway......

    I hope you don't get the 7-10"....

    Love when you dump a bunch of photos....

    You have a beautiful and special family.

  3. I just read wired.com. Congratulations! Is that what I should say? Oh well... but dang! That one dad has to take a chill pill. Stay warm.


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